1. ACID

    First V7 Eurocharged map at MSL Perforance

    /JXeVjUa9z6w Our first V7 tune for a Mercedes C63 making some impressive figures. Stock: 361 Whp 425 Bhp 362 Wtq 427 lb/ft Tuned: 425 Whp 501 Bhp 395 Wtq 466 lb/ft For further info or to book please call 0121 772 4455
  2. ACID

    Eurocharged V7 M156 Tune now availiable at MSL Performance

    Eurocharged M156 V7 tune Released: Exciting news for all MSL Performance and Eurocharged customers The new V7 tune is now available for the M156 engines Feed back from Jerry at Eurocharged is: “V7 has VVT timing adjustments and a more aggressive timing profile. We also open the...
  3. T

    Eurocharged M156 v7 tune

    anyone had the v7 tune yet? still currently in beta but feedback has been more positive than v6. ive had the v6 for two months now and its never been spot on for me. look forward to the v7 tune, ive emailed jerry tonight hoping to get the new map, apparently theyve been able to unlock the vvt on...
  4. ACID

    Msl c63 eurocharged remap offer!!!!

    MSL C63 Eurocharged Offer: Due to popular demand we are currently offering discounts on all our C63 Eurocharged Remap Packages. The offer is for a limited time only and is available to all forum members, so spread the love :bannana: The packages we are offering are: Map Only...
  5. ACID

    Eurocharged uk/msl perfromance

    EUROCHARGED UK/MSL PERFORMANCE So as we all know, Eurocharged UK has been a bit dormant lately, that’s because behind the scenes here at MSL Performance we’ve been doing our best to deal with all outstanding issues any previous eurocharged customers have unfortunately faced due to sad and...
  6. T

    Eurocharged V6 Map initial thoughts

    finally jumped the gun from v5 to v6. Start-up still the same i didnt request cold start delete as i love my neighbours. in manual smoother through the rev range although it occassionally hesitates. On sports plus full wot acceleration isnt working as planned it hesitates and on downshifts it...
  7. G

    Eurocharged v6

    As anyone had the v5 version and upgraded to the v6 on a C63 , is it worth doing or is it a waste of cash
  8. P

    Anyone with Eurocharged V6?!?

    Just ordered from Eurocharged US handheld My genius tune for my C63. It was on sale so I took the chance. When asking which tune will I get I was told that it will be the V6. I have read of the V5 tune previously. But never had a tune on mine.... wondering on what to expect. Also on 1-10 how...
  9. TheAnimal

    Help pricing my CLS55 AMG Eurocharged spec

    Hi guys, I'm going to advertise my beloved CLS55 soon and I'm not sure what to price it at - any feedback would be appreciated! Below is a draft advert - mechanically the car needs nothing, and as you can see no expense has been spared to bring this car to peak state. What I do not...
  10. R


    Not referring here to the demise of the Watford branch of EC, which is a massive sorry story on it's own, but has anyone here know any updates on Eurocharged as a whole. i have had a comment on them via mail last week, and a conversation on them today, regards their status, but not sure what to...
  11. S


    Anyone know how to contact them? The numbers on the website are not working...?
  12. RickMM

    Eurocharged Re-map Before/After Dyno Chart?

    Hi, I’m interested in the Eurocharged re-map (V.5 or V.6) for the W204 C63. Can anyone post up or point me in the direction of an independent before / after dyno graph of power and torque overlaid on the same chart? I’ve seen plenty of them on separate graphs, but not overlaid from an...
  13. R

    Eurocharged map V5 - V6

    Anybody flashed the new V6 map on a W204 C63 with the my genius handheld? Other than small bhp gain and optional cold start removal does it offer any other improvements? Hoping the throttle mapping / sharpness will be smoothed slightly at lower speeds. It can be a bit snappy at times.
  14. B

    Eurocharged Watford

    Has anyone heard from Paul or anyone at Eurocharged this week? no answer on the phone and mails to the address bouncing back.
  15. V

    Eurocharged remap

    My C63 is running a eurocharged remap which was done by MSL performance by the previous owner. Since I've owned the car I have a suspicion it's been wiped back to stock settings whilst in for a service at MB. Don't get me wrong the car feels fast but not sure it's 500+ bhp fast.. Is there...
  16. jih2000

    eurocharged v6 released

    Hi I noticed the v6 tune is now released in the states for c63 and on blackfriday sale. Anyone running it in the UK yet? They seem to indicate its at cost for existing v5 customers over there (maybe those without handheld I'm asking them), recently purchased a my genius device as I had thought...
  17. C

    M156 Eurocharged V6

    I had a little stab at reviving an old discussion on MBWorld about Eurocharged V6 for the M156. I didn't expect it to go anywhere but it looks like it's coming in November ( Here is what they had to say: "Hey all...
  18. S

    C63 remap done - amazing service from Eurocharged Watford

    I've had my stock , 2014 , C63 two weeks now and I'm absolutely loving it , it's without doubt up there with the best cars I've owned ! (Just sold my GT-R with 665bhp, I have a 911 (996) turbo and have had a long list of M cars inc X6M, 2x M5's , M3, M135). The only negatives are , it needs...
  19. RyanMuller

    C32 amg

  20. RyanMuller

    My Eurocharged Experience: C32 AMG

    Just thought I'd share my experience with tuning a supercharged merc. The guys at Eurocharged are a great bunch of guys. My old man is thinking of taking his 63 there as he can't shake me off in a straight line!
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