1. verytalldave

    Euromillions reminder

    ...............rollover tonight ....£60m JACKPOT............ Closes soon at 7.30pm. I dont normally do this ......but £60M is tooooooooooo much to ignore. Just think...... This reminder might make YOU a tad richer............. :rock: :bannana: :rock: :bannana:
  2. oldcro


    Seeing last Tuesday's draw had a £17,000,000 first prize I decided to invest in a few tickets and I won.:D:D:D:bannana::banana: That was the good news. The bad news is that my winnings came to the grand total of £2.80p.:doh::(:crazy::wallbash::wallbash::wallbash:
  3. M

    A single ticket bags the Euromillions!

    There must be one happy person/syndicate out there today :thumb: A Spanish ticket has won the £110 million! :eek: BBC NEWS | World | Europe | EuroMillions ticket wins jackpot Darren
  4. Satch

    Euromillions this evening

    Our resident office ever-hopeful has just pointed out that rollovers have resulted in the draw this evening running at an £47m estimated jackpot. Tax on stupidity or not, £47m.:D Now what self indulgent havoc could one cause with fourty- seven million quid?
  5. Satch


    Sudden surge of online ticket buying as this evening draw is for a jackpot of Euro 125m. Wife thinks that sudden wealth on this scale is too much for many people to cope with. But I am sure that all members of this forum would rise to the challenge :D
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