1. G

    W219 CLS500 Bi-Xenon swiveling lights (Adjust for European driving)

    Hello guys, I have been trying to find the switch on my 2005 W219 CLS to convert to symmetrical beam pattern. But I cannot locate it, does anyone have a picture or something to know what to look for? My car has the Bi-Xenon swiveling dipped beam lights When I had my CL500 the lever was quite...
  2. Steveml63

    "Interesting" news for European owners of recent Mercedes diesel cars!

    Hi, Looks like Mercedes are going to "do a VW" - to their European diesel cars - to fix the emissions! Software emissions fix for three million Mercedes diesels - BBC News Let's hope it doesn't damage the performance, MPG or reliability of the cars that get updated! Cheers Steve
  3. FateSynchro

    Video in motion / Mercedes ME / European light adjustment

    Guys, As per the title can anyone shed some light on how to get Mercedes ME to work with the unlock and start things ive downloaded the app but it wont let me activate it, shall i just pop into Merc dealer and set it up? Also how do i enable Video in motion and how do i adjust my lights for...
  4. DannyHall

    European Insurance

    Apologies as I've already touched on this previously. I'm looking to get FULL European cover insurance and finding it difficult to get a quote. At the tender age of 25 I waited to get full cover by ducking and diving cancelling policies after the 180 days European cover finished. Only now...
  5. grober

    New European Car Giant on the Horizon??

    With the news that GM's Opel Vauxhall divisions are in discussions with the Peugeot/Citroen/DS [ PSA] to form a new conglomerate to rival the VAG group in size its possible this may have implications for a post brexit UK car industry. May not happen of course but if it does plant...
  6. gr1nch

    European Delivery Program

    Googling to see if there were M-B new car tracking websites in other countries, I came across this. Amazing that USA members can go collect their cars, drive round Europe then drop it off where convenient to have it shipped back, with a whole bunch of included extras (shown below). It's a...
  7. D

    Extended European Cover

    Can anyone suggest Companies that give extended Comprehensive European cover -eg up 90 days- as part of their standard cover?
  8. X

    W204.9 2011 xenons adjustment to European beam

    Hi (Noob here) I have RHD W204.9 (2011 facelift estate model) with xenon lamps. From what I can find online I should be able to change the lamps from UK to European beam. How do I do that? Through the computer or is there a lever which I need to switch manually? Any help will be...
  9. DannyHall

    European car insurance

    Hi, Currently have a CLA45 AMG but have now began working in Germany. My current car insurer won't insure me to work in Europe and it seems every european car insurance I try for EX-PATS says they cannot insure me due to my age. I'm 24 and every insurer requires 25+ annoyingly, as if the...
  10. D

    AA European Recovery

    Thought I'd write a little review, and maybe update as we go.... Friday, the day before we left for home from Southern France our car went into Limp Home mode once. Would not do it again, and nothing obviously wrong, we put this down to Landrover gremlins and the extreme heat. Left for Le...
  11. C

    C Class LED Headlights - European Travel

    Hi all, I'm going over to France for a couple of weeks on Friday. Usually I would buy a set of headlight deflectors to use on halogen bulbs. Are LEDs any different? I know some xenon sets you can adjust for continental travel - is there such a feature on the most recent C class? Thanks...
  12. Cousy

    European road trip 2016

    This year I'd like to do a European road trip, there are a few company's online that offer tours and organised road trips visiting various attractions, race tracks and great driving roads. Is anyone else on here thinking of doing a road trip this year? Something like this... European...
  13. Miglia 888

    Summer 2015 European Grand Tour

    Hi from our Summer 2015 European Grand Tour, taking in some of France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, and Hungary. We're in our huge W251 R320L CDI Sport, which is absolutely perfect for crossing continents in supreme comfort & quietness, at speed. First class luxury & space...
  14. W

    C63 on European Modball Rally 2015

    Hi all just thought I would like to share some pics of my recent trip on the European Modball rally 2015, Route: London-Paris-Milan-Rome-Monaco-Barcelona. Was an amazing trip and saw some great sites and even better cars along the way hope you enjoy the pics!
  15. MicB

    Pan European Breakdown Cover

    In the past I have insured with RAC on a trip by trip basis for mainland Europe but for the next twelve months I am going to be outside the UK for enough time to warrant annual cover. MrsB and I are members of the RAC for UK breakdown cover for any car, driver or passenger, so I had...
  16. gaz_l

    European tour 2015

    Greetings, Citizens. Back in 2011 the wife and I took a bit of a tour around Europe in the little Fiat Barchetta we had at the time. True, I had the SLK too but being of the opinion that I love a challenge, I chose a 17 year old Fiat over a 5 year old Mercedes. Anyway, we had a lovely...
  17. T

    Best Merc for a European road tour

    Evening all, During the week leading up to MB on the Green I'm doing abit of a road trip down to Worthersee in Austria. Plan looks something like this I currently have a 190d and whilst I do 700 trouble free miles a week in it and I'm sure it do make the trip unphased, I'm after something...
  18. Bobby Dazzler

    European Grand Tour ideas for 2015

    I usually start planning our annual grand tour in January/February but I'm starting early this year. I had been hatching a plan which would take the ferry to Santander, then spending a few nights in each of Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona, and Sant Feliu de Guixols, before heading home through...
  19. E

    New FWD European 1/4 mile record

    Thought I would share this, I'm involved in 1/4 mile drag racing and pit crew for a couple of teams, this weekend was the UK Outlaw front wheel drive shoot out competition at Shakespeare county raceway. Good friend of mine took the European FWD record 8.85 at 174 mph...
  20. whitenemesis

    Arnott Air Suspension Opens European Union Sales and Distribution Center

    Could be good news for owners of AIRmatic suspended cars... Press release EU website
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