1. clk320x

    Anyone used Tesco vouchers with eurotunnel

    Just converted £15 of vouchers to £45 of tunnel codes However just seen it says must be booked 14 days in advance How strict is this as we were planning on travelling sooner than that? It says to ring up but offices now closed Anyone else used Tesco codes and travelled within 14 days...
  2. clk320x

    Euro-tunnel experiences?

    People here who have used the euro-tunnel how was it? Might be using it this summer rather than the ferry as its much quicker.. Cheers Abs
  3. K

    Eurotunnel in an E class

    Took my W212 E350 sport on the Eurotunnel yesterday. Got to Calais supermarket and noticed a cut and bulge in a rear tyre, I am certain that it wasn't there before we left home. The carriages are very narrow between the kerbs and I did touch it, obviously no comeback on Eurotunnel now but I have...
  4. Spinal

    EuroTunnel Carnet

    Has anyone bought a eurotunnel frequent traveler carnet? At £43 to travel at any time, it sounds almost too good to be true. Has anyone had issues with availability and finding space? M
  5. Spinal

    EuroTunnel Day Returns

    A query... I need to book some tickets to Italy, and as I'm bringing my dog, was thinking of going via the eurotunnel as a pose to a ferry. Looking at prices, I can buy tickets for the days I need for about £200 (including my dog's £30 extra) - or I could get 2x day returns for less than...
  6. S

    ML 420 on Eurotunnel

    I just picked up my new ML 420 CDi this morning. After 6 years with an E Class I thought I'd like to drive an M Class before they get taxed out of existence. So I'm sitting here looking forward to upcoming my trip to France and it suddenly dawns on me. I booked the tunnel when I had an E...
  7. G

    Eurotunnel Misery W169

    Hope somebody here can help with a real mystery.... About a month ago i purchased a W169 A-180 CDI Avantgarde from MB direct (it was an ex staff car at MBUK), for my wife, she was thrilled to bits and the car is wonderful. Just came back from a week touring around France and noticed that the...
  8. D

    Eurotunnel Experiences

    I'm considering using Eurotunnel to travel to and back from France. Has anyone got any experience of just turning up and buying a ticket rather than booking online in advance? I know exactly when I'm going, but for the return journey cannot be certain of the time I'll reach the tunnel (a mere...
  9. M

    EuroTunnel £9 Return

    Eurotunnel are doing some cheap day return ticket offers again Monday to Saturday until the end of May in case anyone wants to take their Merc across on a shopping trip to France. Late afternoon trips are £9 return & early afternoon trips are £15 return.Eurotunnel Offer link (It cost me £300...
  10. M

    Eurotunnel Half Price Offer

    Just in case anyone is interested:- Go to, click on Daily Telegraph offer & type in this code DTEXHP if you would like to take your MB to France for half price on any availiable days left (return by midnight) up to Oct 12th. for £24.50 inc all passengers. Book by Friday 13...
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