1. MancMike

    An evening with Jimmy Carr

    This is absolutely awful, utterly bizarre interview thanks to it's host. Bless Jimmy for not walking out of it. The "interviewer" is disgraceful. Every single thing he comes out with is completely cringeworthy, awful, inappropriate and incorrect. Watch if you will, I doubt you'll get very...
  2. M

    Picking up a W210 this evening, is this anything to worry about?

    I'm picking up a nice, rusty-but-still-MOT'd W210 300dt this evening, on 172k. I'll be driving it back about 200 miles so I should get a good idea if there's anything serious wrong mechanically, but I just got the below info from the seller: "1 - oil weep from oil filler cap on rocker cover -...
  3. H

    Evening all

    Just purchased my first Merc........I had several M3's a couple of Porsches and a maserati thought I'd try an AMG. Bought a 2 owner 53k 1999 E55 AMG estate, absolutely immaculate with full history and it has an LPG conversion. Had a few weeks now and love it. Thinking about adding comand and I...
  4. milleplod

    Evening all.

    Hello folks. Thought I'd say a quick 'hello' to all! I bought a 2006 R500SE a few weeks ago, a 2-owner car with lots of history and a very long list of options - it cost somebody around £62k new....I paid a lot less! :D I think 500s are pretty few and far between, and ours is a SWB one, so...
  5. Calcifer

    Evening with the nephew and E500.

    With the snowy winter possibly behind. Have you started driving your pride and joy? Took the E500 today after a good cleaning, made for a happy nephew :)
  6. S

    Evening all!

    Found my way here from the 190 owners club - MrsSE and I currently have two 190s in the fleet, one is on the road, the other a project (and has a shopping list the length of my arm to get it on the road...). I'll be nosing around and probably asking a lot of dim questions, but hey ho.
  7. J

    Evening all!

    Having had my R170 for 6 months I thought I had better join the Club, hopefully I won't ask too many stupid questions .
  8. B

    Evening all. Big problem

    Girlfriend just spilt milkshake on and around my gear selector. Lots of lights flashing and car would not start. I pulled the top off exposing a circuit board and there was a little fluid in there so I dabbed that off and the car started. Can't select and hears now and the engine management...
  9. N

    Evening all..

    Bar is open, help yourself to a virtual beer, from a new MB convert.
  10. G

    Evening All!

    Newbie Alert!! Evening All!! Just accquired a 2010 W639 Vito... Thought it might be a good idea to join up as opposed to just 'lurk' Finding lots of topic's and info on here... Hope to return the favour in due corse.. Cheers! Steve
  11. T

    Good evening one and all.....

    New member here to the fold.... well nearly. I'm picking up my first new Merc tomorrow 2015 Palladium W205 C class 220 saloon - Bluetec AMG line with premium plus pack. I've had 4 Audi's so decided to take the plunge. My girlfriend picks up her new GLA the following week (her 2nd...
  12. gbjeppm

    Not having a good evening !!

    They say things come in threes. First I decided that I would investigate the squealing alternator belt on my 560sec, and discovered that the last person there had snapped the main bolt that carries the alternator to the block, and had then glued the remains of the bolt back in again.:wallbash...
  13. jamesfuller

    Classic car gtg, Northants tomorrow evening

    Sorry its short notice but there is a very informal classic car meet/show takes place throughout the summer evenings. Its the first one of the year tomorrow. Its NN9 0EP, behind the garden centre/nursery. There is usually a variety of old metal there, a couple of 107's last time too! If...
  14. Alfie

    Spandau Ballet Tickets for sale tuesday evening

    I have two Spandau Ballet tickets for sale tomorrow night at the O2. Face value is £75 each. Looking for £100 the pair. email me on sales@comand.co.uk I can email the tickets as they are PDF's.
  15. W

    Sunday evening car shopping

    Today's whim.....I'm quite tempted by the thought of a fun <£3k car. Below are a few cars local to me. Help persuade me:) BMW 3 SERIES 3.0i 330Ci Sport 2dr Honda Civic 2.0i Type R 3dr Renault Clio 2.0 16V Renaultsport 182 3dr Ford Focus 2.0 ST170 3dr
  16. K

    Evening all - a W208 back from the grave..

    Good evening guys and girls! I'm writing to say hello, and introduce myself and my other half - we're both car mad, and up until a week or two ago, were a three Alfa Romeo family, with a 155 V6, GTV V6 and a Brera V6 keeping us busy! The Brera was stunning as a car, but eye watering to live...
  17. The _Don

    Mercedes-amg gt preview evening

  18. merc85

    Evening Pic's with the s211

    Popped down to the shops to get some chocolate, also a good excuse to drive the car as its a lovely evening out there. Took some pic's on my phone excuse the quality doh..
  19. C

    Evening all

    Hello everyone. My name is Carl and i drive a 2011 C350 CDI AMG Sport Estate. It's my first Mercedes and i collected the car on 31 May. Looking forwards to joining in discussions and will always try and help out wherever i can. Carl :)
  20. D

    evening all

    i dont suppose anyone can give me a rough idea of how much its going to cost me to have my swirlflap motor done on my 2006 ml 320 cdi atb dave
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