1. B

    Lookers Mercedes Directors Event

    I have just received an email from Lookers advising me that they are holding a Directors Event next week where 'Literally, just once a year we are able to offer some staggering discounts. So exceptional are these savings that at this stage we cannot put these in writing - but we promise you...
  2. K

    clk 230 w208 electrical "event"

    Hi as above 1999 w208 cabrio ....wife driving back from shops and...no electric windows, no wipers, no lights etc etc. 5 minutes later another call saying all is ok again. Apperently when she pulled up at home, the triangle with exclamation mark (traction warning?) was lit. I got home and took...
  3. J

    F1 Event tomorrow in London

  4. MikeInWimbledon

    Big Formula One event in Central London Weds 12th July

    Big hootenany going on in the West End on Wednesday evening. Worth a look: https://www.formula1.com/en/latest/headlines/2017/7/formula-1-announces-f1-live-in-the-heart-of-london.html
  5. MikeInWimbledon

    What is the biggest Mercedes event / Rally of the year?

    What's the biggest Mercedes Rally / event of the year? I spent Saturday at the extraordinary Rolls Royce Enthusiasts rally at Burleigh - a huge collection of exceptional, and quite cheap, kit, and then was surprised to see several hundred modern Mercedes at the Flywheel meet at Bicester...
  6. ACID

    Roll Masters Event

    Due to unforseen circumstances this event is no longer proceeding. Refunds will be paid out in due course to all those who have placed deposit. Please feel free to suggest alternative venues and we will look in to it. #mslperformance #mslperformancenorth #mslcustoms #rollmasters #esmotor...
  7. C180AMG71

    2017 Event dates

    Are there any planned events / car shows for 2017, if yes can the details be posted.
  8. F

    £100m Worth of Ferrari's at One Event

  9. M

    Mercedes Off-Roading Event with Unimogs, Actros, Zetros, Marco Polo, and G-Class

    Mercedes Off-Roading Event with Unimogs, Actros, Zetros, Marco Polo, and G-Class [YOUTUBE HD]e2Dsq_2OfzY[/YOUTUBE HD]
  10. Felstmiester

    Mercedes premium event ??

    Just had a nice shiny flyer through the post inviting me to a premium event. It's got a premium customer card stuck to it. What is a premium event lol. It doesn't really explain much on the flyer other than saying with your premium card you can get exclusive offers. It says it will be a very...
  11. B

    AMG event awhile ago...

    Does anyone know who was piloting the AMG GT-S at the private lounge event at the AMG UK test center? I know he was a pro racing driver and drives a SLS GT3 with some team but I didn't get his name.
  12. Ajay Bhatoa

    Used Car Sales Event - 0%!!!

    Hey guys, Had my car about 2 weeks and noticed that Mercedes now have a 0% offer on! I think the rate I'm on is 8.4% and I'm looking to pay it all off in the next 6 months anyway. I was wondering if I'd be in any position to ring Mercedes and complain that in such a short time after I bought...
  13. D

    AMG Basic Training event at Brooklands

    Hi guys - today I completed the free AMG Drivers Academy Basic training that all new AMGs get as part of the car purchase. The event was at Brooklands - its about 3 hours in total - maybe an hour of talking and 2 hours in the cars. It uses the handling circuits, wet circle, wet road etc that...
  14. B

    Amg event 3/10 at mbworld surrey?

    Are there ppl from here going to the AMG lounge event? Are thete members ol here that run a sc on their c63?
  15. O

    VIP Event revisited

    Just had an Email from MB Dealer advising that they had "failed to meet" their sales target for the recent VIP Event and they had 32 cars which "must be sold" (as opposed to what?). Clearly the black and gold curtains and VIP "passes" failed to impress enough locals! It was important that we...
  16. rsvgreg

    AMG GT. Not so much an event....

    as an opportunity to look around the car. I say 'event' as this was a PistonHeads calendar event that around 100 people signed up to. My teenage son who came along for the ride expected a fanfare or show and to be honest I thought MB might have made a bit more of the opportunity to 'launch'...
  17. D

    AMG Drivers Academy event at Spa

    Long post but here goes... Some of you may know that the 507 comes with the 'Drivers Pack', which means the car is derestricted from 155 to 174 mph (more on that later…). As part of this pack you also get a voucher for the AMG Driving Academy day - called Power and Passion. The events are...
  18. D

    AMG Drivers Package Event

    Hi - as the 507 comes with the drivers package, you get a voucher for a two day event with AMG - Power and Passion its called. They have just released the 2014 calendar - I have registered for the event at Spa in June - anyone else registered? Cheers
  19. Spinal

    Getting a Car to an Event

    As some of you know, one of my cars is a white dirt magnet... It's going to Bealieau soon, and has a nice spot reserved... Problem is, that's 100-odd miles away, which means that as I drive it there, it'll pick up enough gunk to turn it brown again. I was planning on waxing it the day...
  20. C

    Vmax200 Top speed event

    Hi Gents, A few of you have been before, just to let you know I have a Vmax200 top speed event later this month at Bruntingthorpe Proving ground and you'd be welcome to attend. Its 2 miles of runway to Vmax your car, laser traps at the end to record and display your speed. Some great...
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