1. W

    An eventful morning

    :crazy: Heading in to work this morning, as usual the 36 miles or so to site. About halfway along I smelled diesel. Too much. Was on the M1 (in NI) at this stage so decided to keep going as there was bugger all I could do in the dark on the side of the motorway. I intended to stop for fuel...
  2. acej

    Eventful journey home.

    On my commute back from London today I had a tyre pressure warning followed by a red warning light for low pressure rear near side, pulled over and could hear the air escaping at a rate of... Pulled into the garage and got out the compressor attached canister and was contemplating a quick fix...
  3. Thmsshaun

    Eventful bike Ride to Work

    Travelling to work this morning same as I do every morning. On a little economy / fitness spre so using pedal power. Crossing the roundabout at the top of the road from work some T :crazy:sser drove straight into the back of the bike. The bloke didnt look as her aproached the island. Proceded to...
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