1. ringway

    Humour. Race-related jokes and jokes relating to tragic events.

    A month or so ago, I read this thread (LINK) after researching what those from The Emerald Isle think about typical Paddy and Mick jokes. Is it ok to tell jokes that ridicule Irish people, or does almost every joke have someone that is ridiculed and perhaps can be considered acceptable? I know...
  2. Adamccc

    Ride For Wayne /// Fundraiser @ Sheffield, UK

    Hi Guys, We're raising funds for a fellow petrolhead that was sadly taken from us last month. The day is sure full of amazing cars, dyno runs & passengers rides along with prizes for fastest lap on our racing simulator, Car of the day, Show and shine, Highest power on the dyno & more. Entry to...
  3. AaronE55Cripps

    Cannonball events

    Has anyone any experience of doing them? I was thinking about it for next year but thought it might be very car club focussed and seeing as I do not know any other AMG owners I was wondering if anyone else had experience of doing one of these events. I would be looking to do the Ireland leg as...
  4. Cousy

    Trips and Events

    As a new member to the forum I'd like to know if there are any upcoming events to go to over the next couple of months or has the time now passed due to the colder weather coming in? Any local meets to the Yorkshire area? There was a small get together for a drive on the dales over on the...
  5. uumode

    Experience of invitation only Mercedes VIP events?

    Has anyone attended one of these by invitation only, Mercedes VIP showroom events? Supposedly there are EXTRA contributions to be had over and above what normally is available. Anyone find they got a particularly good deal? I'm assuming they are possibly on cars they already have in group...
  6. Grovsie31

    Vmax type events?

    Morning all. Ive searched the forum, but mainly get old posts up. Are there any Vmax type events done through the owners club? If not where is the best place to look for something? Around the midlands would be ideal. :cool:
  7. C

    Events / Cruises / GTG in South East areas?

    Hi new to this forum stuff however really keen on MB meets, G2G's and cruises however after looking through the forum can see a lot of events far away. Im based in South East London so wanted to see if someone could point me in the right direction for this, one which i havent missed yet...
  8. dave g wagon

    upcoming events

    How can I find where the up and coming events are this year
  9. soups74

    Mercedes events

    Hi. I'm new to the mercedes Benz world of motoring. I have a 2003 clk and would like to explore more about mercedes. Does anyone know of any mercedes events, days out or what goes on at mercedes Benz world? Thanks
  10. R

    VMAX 200 events

    As possibly some/most of you know the current upcoming Vmax 200 day event is for 'HYPER CARS', which does not involve the inclusion of 99.9% of MB's, they just do not make the grade:o, I am afraid. (albeit, be nice to spectate on that event at least!:o) Having discussed this with various...
  11. D

    MB events in NW England?

    Does anyone know of any regular or one-off Mercedes owners events around the Cheshire area - England?
  12. s88

    Humberside pub events - Triton Inn

    Out for tea last night at the Triton Inn at Brantingham, near South Cave West of Hull and discovered they have a bit of a car meet on Wed 13th June, 1800- 2100. Car park holds 100 and landlord claims to have about 90 cars of all sorts turn up. They do have a web site and are close to A63 so easy...
  13. GlenQ

    Strange Events Today

    Started up this morning and received three error messages: Air Suspension - Visit workshop ABS - Visit workshop ESP - Visit workshop Also the wipers and indicators would not work. I drove slowly around the block and after a couple of hundred yards the wipers and indicators started working. A...
  14. Satch

    Children banned from shooting events in 2012 ticket giveaway

    What a pathetic, pointless & utterly stupid piece of condescending patronising PC nonsense. (This will also exclude kids from watching Modern Pentathlon BTW) Children banned from shooting events in 2012 ticket giveaway | News
  15. D

    Interesting events of the night.

    Away at present in a caravan site in Devon. Woken up at 3am this morning by banging on the caravan and lights shining on the window. Looking out could see someone opening the teenagers bedroom window from the outside telling them to open the door. Swiftly got up to find 6 police officers...
  16. 4

    upcoming events

    :thumb:hi all, just registered as a new member, are there any events or autoparts sales through the club? 4doormere
  17. The Boss

    classic car events

    When and where are the next few mercedes events, or classic car events, to take a car to enter a competiton.. perhaps a w124 cabrio event lol????
  18. stevesey

    Your top 10 memorable events

    Building from a comment on the Weston Pier fire - what are your top 10 memorable (public) events of your lifetime - in no particular order here's mine. Michael Thomas scoring in the last minite against Liverpool to clinch the title for ****nal. Schumaker taking Hill out to win the title...
  19. D

    Events in Central London this Sunday?

    Any events going on this Sunday that most likely to close some roads in Central London? I wish I can see the traffic info board on A13 near Dagenham from here.;)
  20. JeffKolish

    Schedule of events - Is there a schedule of events for 2008 held somewhere?

    Schedule of events - Is there a schedule of events for 2008 held somewhere?
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