1. W

    Getting electrocuted by my car everyday!

    So I'm getting zapped by my W221 nearly everyday from Spring to Autumn. It doesn't really happen much with my other cars past and present, only the W221. And I hate it! Has anyone got any easy and practical idea to get rid of it please? And why does it only happen with this car? Thanks.
  2. Giantvanman

    Nautical terms in everyday usage

    Knowingly or not, many people use nautical terms in everyday language. One I have just learned about is very common, and as it happens, very common! It seems that manure was shipped dry because it is lighter than when wet. However, when the manure got wet during the voyage, methane was...
  3. Pitts Pilot

    Light coloured seats for everyday use?

    I am looking to buy a black 2008 SL350, and I have found one that is perfect for miles, price, kit, etc, except it’s upholstered with light Sand coloured leather. If I were intending to use the car as my second vehicle for ‘Sunday outings’, then I would not worry, but I will be driving it each...
  4. LTD

    Here's something you don't see everyday

    I waited and managed to take a picture at the appropriate time.
  5. kraftwerk

    For your ordinary, everyday plutocrat

  6. A

    Im drowning in everyday classics!

    ... I mean it seemed such a simple idea - one everyday classic car that could be driven in all weathers. Something not too precious or rare that parking it would not involve driving to the top floor of the multistory - where it would be alone and safe and with running costs that would not break...
  7. pepper&boulou

    No something that happens everyday,Thank God.

    Not something that happens everyday,Thank God. Yesterday as it was a nice sunny day and my two dogs where giving me the Take us out now routine. I decided Hey let's go to the park. All was fine there were alot of people with the same idea it was lovely even met the nice old lady with her...
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