1. brucemillar

    MS Excel Help Required Please

    Friends Can you help please? If in excel I have a block (columns & rows) of cells that are all pointing another sheet (In this instance a monthly sheet) Is there a way that I can easily change the address that these cells point at without changing any of the rest of the formula? I want to...
  2. Palfrem

    Excel passwords

    Long shot. Is there any way to by-pass a paswsord on an excel spreadsheet at all? Fingers crossed.
  3. Stratman

    Importing XML into Excel

    I have a Garmin golf GPS thingy (Approach G6) which stores lots of data on each round. Lots and lots and lots of data. It also has a rudimentary scorecard viewer which only works in Internet Explorer (PC version) and doesn't show putts taken or fairways hit, data which is stored in the G6...
  4. Dave Richardson

    Excel Spreadsheet help needed

    Hi, Could some kind member help me to produce a spreadsheet which would enable me to record which CCTV Cameras are working.:confused: My needs are Column 1 Camera numbers 1 upto 300 Column 2 Camera Location Column 3 Working Y / N ( If possible I would like it so that the column defaults to...
  5. Stratman

    Any Excel experts out there?

    Is there a way to combine INDIRECT and direct cell references? In the current workbook I want to reference the same cells in different workbooks, for example:- In cell B10 of the current workbook I want the contents of A DIFFERENT WORKBOOK Sheet1 G22 The DIFFERENT WORKBOOK will change...
  6. nick.ged

    user defined functions in excel

    to any excel wizards out there, i need to write a user defined function in excel 2010 that takes two inputs, the upper and lower range and then solves a sextic equation with real coefficients. ie between the limits of 8>x>1 solve x^6-7x^5+4x^4-14x^3+12x^2-5x+23=0 its really doin my sweed in...
  7. U

    Comic Con @ Excel London 29.10.11

    Was at this years comic con at Excel London, was the first year for me to visit the event, which turned out to be a good day!! Think tho next year id have to go in character :D heres some of the photo form the day... Entrance: In venue...
  8. nigel cross

    Apple lion problem with excel

    A problem has occurred since my upgrade to lion. When I open a word or excel document, t doesn't open the one I'm after but the last one I looked at. But if i chose the open document and then close excel it works ok, looks like an issue with the open save new app
  9. franey

    Any excel Wizards available to help?

    I have a few excel data problems that I need assistance with, would anyone be able to assist please? Basically (for now) I need a digit adding to the front of a 22 digit number and another digit removing within the number. The numbers are all in column A and there are over 14000 of them, it...
  10. culpano

    Excel advice please

    Hi folks, I have two dates in this format... 04/01/2010 08:20 and 11/05/2010 11:15 Need to work out the difference between them in minutes. Then when I have got the minutes value work it back so it show its in months, days, minutes. Crikey !!! Any ideas bright sparks ? Gary
  11. Spinal

    Excel merging tables

    Howdy! A little bit of urgent help... I have 3 tables in excel, all in the same format: ID, Value (e.g. MATH: Alice 2 Bob 1 Cheryl 3 ENGLISH: Alice 1 Doug 5 FRENCH: Bob 2 John 1 ) What I want/need to do, is merge the ID column, but keep the other colums distinct, so...
  12. Tan

    Excel on Mac and Macro's

    Hi My brother is looking to buy a Mac and has been told that Microsoft Excel: Mac can't do Macro's is this true? And if so, is there anyway around it? Many thanks Tan
  13. culpano

    Excel help required - moving range of data from one worksheet to another

    Hi all, I was wondering if an Excel expert on here can help me with something I need to do for a report. One worksheet has multiple columns of data. I want to be able to filter the data and transfer it to a fresh worksheet so I can put some fancy formatting so it can be used for a...
  14. Gollom

    Help with Excel 2007 (Conditional Formatting)

    Any experts out there? I want to change the fill colour (to custom colour RGB 5,255.5) of cell range A1-A10 if the contents of cell A9 is the word 'Green'. I'm almost there but can't quite get it. I know how to change the cell that the word is in using Conditional Formatting. The formula...
  15. nick mercedes

    html to excel

    How would I go about turning an html page into an excel spreadsheet? Anyone?
  16. imadoofus

    Excel Question

    Now I consider myself pretty expert at Excel, but.... I've got Excel 2003 (SBE), and when you first open it, you get a blank worksheet, entitled 'Book1'. When I open a saved worksheet, that 'Book1' should disappear, but it doesn't. So if I've got three worksheets open, I actually have...
  17. BenzComander

    Another Excel question

    We have some turnover data in a column in Excel, and have drawn a simple line graph to represent it. Which of the trendlines should we use to predict future turnover? Thanks,
  18. BenzComander

    Sorting data in Excel

    Does anybody know if it is possible to sort data in an Excel column alphabetically from the right? Thanks!:D
  19. Gollom

    Help with a formula in Excel please....

    I have 2 cells, A1 and A2 I would like to initially enter a figure into A1 with the end result that the VAT element is displayed in A2 and the the net value is in A1 E.g. By intitially entering £10.00 in A1 the end result would be £8.51 in A1 and £1.49 in A2 Many thanks!
  20. Martin clk

    Excel help

    Does anyone have knowledge on how to create a sum that will calculate a column of time. the format is HH:MM:SS. Basically I've exported my Carphone Warehouse bill and I want to be able to check the time totals within allowance, over allowance etc etc. I cant seem to get a sum function that...
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