1. I

    1994 W124 Excellent grey drivers seat and other bits

    Almandine e220, 1994, facelift model. Bonnet losing Lacquer and boot the same. Sunroof. Main thing is a grey drivers seat with excellent bolster - all the rest are OK, too. I'll put it on ebay in a few days unless there's any interest here, buyer to remove from car in Preston. 125 for all...
  2. D

    Excellent 1997 R129 SL500 for sale

    A good friend of mine is selling his SL500. It was seeing his that led me on my extensive search which ended up with me buying the SL60. I realised just how hard it is to find a good one having scoured the country at the time and also concluded that he was lucky to have found his in such good...
  3. KillerHERTZ

    Excellent Condition 1992 190E 2.0 - W201

    Selling for member Missytycoon whom I know personally. Mercedes Benz build quality went down the tubes...but that was after this model. This car has FSH and been cherished by more than one owner. It's History and Provenance are such that it was owned prior to my wife by the Parts Manager's...
  4. Giantvanman

    Another excellent comedian using Ebay

    Truly Hateful Porsche 944 2.5, 8v, Illuminati Owned | eBay
  5. E

    Eurocharged Watford excellent service

    Been over to Paul and the boys for a service and check up today. And have to say got a excellent service! Everything I asked and was found was explained to me with all the options I had! :thumb: Unfortunately I think they are going to be have some more of my money after a few things we talked...
  6. leef44

    PCS Horndean excellent service -resonator delete

    Olly, many thanks for an excellent job on the exhaust flap repairs and the resonator delete.:D I'm absolutely smitten with the sound. A slight warble at idle which can be heard only from the outside. Normal slow city driving is no different from before so all the refinement is kept. Slight...
  7. R

    Excellent CL500 coilover thread from the US

    My w215 CL55 ABC Delete Thread - Yellow Speed Racing Coilover Conversion and Review - MBWorld.org Forums
  8. M

    ACMS Mercedes Walsall - Excellent

    As some of you may know, I've been suffering starting issues with 'Gerta' for the past few weeks and although I know my way around cars it was baffling me, as well as my local MB dealer and another local garage, who I have used in the past. I've not been doing much travel lately, so the car has...
  9. 2

    any excellent 500e's for sale?

    Hi everyone Does anyone know of any good 500e's for sale please? Preferably pre face lift. Cheers
  10. E

    Genuine Mercedes AMG 18 alloys with excellent brand tyrea

    Selling my wheels as I have acquired a set of 19 inch alloys, therefore I have for sale a Set of 4 Genuine 18" AMG alloy wheels with premium tyres 
 These wheels came off a 2010 Mercedes E350 Sport 
 The two front tyres are 245/40/18 
 Front two tyres are Dunlop Sport Max consisting of 6 and 7...
  11. E

    E55 V8 5.4 Supercharged 2004, excellent condition

    My loved E55K is for sale - advert here: Used 2004 Mercedes-Benz AMG E55 AMG for sale in Hertfordshire | Pistonheads
  12. D

    Excellent Prepurchase inspection and a big Lemon

    Good evening As some of you may know I am after a facelift E220 CDI. I identified one in Berkshire and put a deposit on it. I also asked the nice team of Mercanix who is in this area to run an inspection for me. Michael and Andrew from Mercanix were the top from the initial booking to the...
  13. C

    Excellent source of information

    Hi Guys, came across this and thought it maybe good to share - there is a six part video set on here on fixing the 722.6 gearbox https://www.youtube.com/user/Mercedessource/ https://www.youtube.com/user/Mercedessource/search?query=gearbox
  14. mat8n

    SL350 2005/53 Black with grey, FSH, Excellent condition 75k miles

    seen something else that I fancy. £10,000 no offers or I keep it. 75k miles or there abouts. Just had MOT and B service, no advisories and in A1 order, needs nothing. It's 12 years old so the body has marks as does the interior, nothing big or noticeable. Perfect order. bluetooth...
  15. D

    For Sale: 639 Vito Rear Seats 2+1 Excellent Condition

  16. G

    ML Spare Wheel carrier for sale (excellent cond and price)

    Selling my spare wheel carrier for Mercedes ML 1999-2004 Excellent condition with no dents Complete with silver wheel cover which house the number plate light, brake light etc. Cash on collection. Also included is the spare original alloy wheel and tyre £260
  17. bpsorrel

    Excellent service from MB MK!

    Not often the dealers get a good rap here, so here goes! Took my SLK in for it's second (B) service yesterday. This is one that comes just a few weeks before the car comes off lease, so not something I was looking forward to! The service advisor at Milton Keynes was very understanding and...
  18. N

    Excellent video review of the new C63s...

    Hi everyone, Just watched this very good review video and thought of sharing it with you... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TFc2_p1Y5hA&t=652 All I can say is AMG really know what they are doing with performance. Nick
  19. F

    Swiftcover - excellent!

    We've all seen the adverts, all saying the insurance is cheap, easy to do when a claim is made, everything taken care of etc etc. Of course, we the motoring public are fairly sceptical about how good things will be if we have a prang. I have recently had a bit of a prang in the old Focus (v an...
  20. A

    C63 19' AMG Black Multi Spoke Wheels & Excellent Tyres

    Either look at the eBay listing from below link and good luck or feel free to PM me an offer on here or my email is: [email protected] http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=201298341189 Mercedes C63 Black AMG 19' Multi Spoke Wheels & Tyres IMMACULATE
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