1. W

    Is this an exceptional deal ?

    My local MB dealer has offered £ 11.6k discount on a £ 54k E 350e SE optioned up. He says this is cut to the bone and it seems exceptional to me - Dealers on CarWow and Broadspeed are offering about £ 5k. The car will be built to my order for delivery in Sept - new reg. I am an existing...
  2. ss201

    Sale due to illness: Exceptional 190E LE

    Very reluctant sale of treasured 190E. Very sadly, a very good friend has suffered a debilitating stroke and is now not able to drive his pride and joy. The car is a 1993 Mercedes 190E LE, one of the very last manufactured and in the best colour – metallic blue with contrasting light...
  3. R

    Exceptional Tyre Service

    2 new tyres urgently required for my 300TD .. MOT coming up. I checked out about a dozen or so tyre companies up here in the Midlands before coming across the following. www.event-tyres.co.uk I could not believe their prices which also included fitting at home...
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