1. MercedesDriver

    Exchange rates

    £1=EUR1.03 at my local post office, 3% difference only :eek:. This Summer won't come cheap. :wallbash:
  2. S

    c350 2012 centre console exchange

    Hi all I have just done the deal on a 2012 c350 cdi with pretty much everything on. I had the new 65 plate c220d am line but apart from it looking a bit prettier the build quality compared to the older models I found to be crap. Also I love the 3 litre kick. Anyway it has the centre console...
  3. R

    2008 Vito 110 Turbo core exchange problems

    Hi all, Just wondering if I can pick someone's brains... A friend of mine has a 2008 Vito 110 with a VNT, which was suspected of having a weeping oil seal, so I swapped it out for a new core (or cartridge), and rebuilt it. apparently it drove fine for a little while and then threw up...
  4. F

    W205 C63S AMG leather steering wheel exchange

    I've been a forum member for donkey's years but not been active and I've just ordered a new C63S saloon which comes with the steering wheel with the alcantara inserts. I've put up with it on my E63 for two years but the reality is I can't stand the feel of alcantara so would like to swap it for...
  5. G

    First Aid Wheels exchange offer?

    Anyone had experience with First Aid Wheels exchange program? There are a couple of interesting offers on eBay, at a better price than directly on their site, for my 18" AMG style III wheels, and it works out cheaper than getting then refurbished, and obviously faster as it's a swap (and a...
  6. Oxonmb

    First Aid Wheels (exchange)

    Anyone on here used First Aid wheels in London? I am organising an exchange for my AMG front alloys and it seems a good price having done a bit of research.
  7. E

    300e brabus twin turbo - exchange and mart

    Hi guys seen this car advertised for 6-7 months at least for 3300, it didnt sell... Its a manual left hooker with what seems to be a mosselman kit. Contacted the seller, didnt get very good info. I'm from Israel and i was nearly tempted...but the fact that at this price nobody grabbed it was...
  8. Ballbagracer

    Exchange wheel

    Got my first Mercedes (C250 2009) and while looking away happily on the tinternet I came across an exchange service to upgrade the steering wheel...........but now for the love of money I can't find the darn thing again :fail just wondered if anyone might know of any websites?
  9. Halcyon Days

    Alloy wheel exchange

    There are a few companies around that offer an exchange service on refurbished alloy wheels. Companies such as fa wheels in London, offer a refurb set of four, on an exchange basis, for around the £350 mark, which seems like a good deal to me? Has anyone used a company like this or have any...
  10. K

    Wanted front W211 E55 front heat exchange intercooler

    Anyone have a oem or aftermarket front heat exchange intercooler. Mine is bent. Regards.
  11. mickday

    9027 - M16/32 Heat Exchange Shutoff Motor replace DIY?

    Star brings up error 9027 for my S211 E55 - M16/32 Heat Exchange Shutoff Motor faulty or open circuit. I intend to do this job myself but having bought the replacement part and looking at its location on RHD cars (under the master cylinder) the job looks like a complete ****** to do...
  12. Reggie-rock

    Refurbish wheels exchange, like for like.

    After 2 weeks of ownership of my lovely 2006 CLK 350 I have sorted my tatty AMG wheels out which was the only thing that let the rest of the car down which is close to mint condition. I found an excellent alloy wheel refurbishment company, First Aid Wheels, 174, mill lane, West Hampstead...
  13. Aaron Amg 55

    Clicking behind my dash heater exchange?

    I have a 2004 54 clk 55 Amg and on first start up behind the dash there is a clicking noise, the noise only last for around 2 min. Was told its the heater exchange and I could buy some clips to fix this can anyone shed some light on where I can buy these clips and if anyone else has done the...
  14. SimonsMerc

    My experience with the 30 day exchange scheme...

    We bought a used E220 S212 recently with Audio 50 Navigation, but it turns out that you cannot do full postcode search on it and there is no way to upgrade it to do so (confirmed by Mercedes). This function is critical for is, so we decided to change the car. We have had the car for 26 days...
  15. A

    Wheels exchange

    Hi guys, just bought a w212 avantgarde and unfortunately they don't' come with 16" wheels anymore. Would anyone who got 16" wheels, preferably w211 elegance version, be interested in a swap with my 17" avantgarde? Cheers.
  16. BillyW124

    Part Exchange advice needed: CLK 320 CDI 2006

    Hi Guys, I'm toying with the idea of Part ex'ing the Mrs's 2006 C200k coupe @ 27,891 miles for a 2006 CLK 320 CDI SPORT @ 86k. :crazy: They are offering me 7k for a previous 1 lady owner car with low miles which i think is a decent offer? I was hoping for around 7.5k if im being honest. The...
  17. BillyW124

    Part Exchange advice needed

    Hi Guys, I'm toying with the idea of Part ex'ing the Mrs's 2006 C200k coupe @ 27,891 miles for a 2006 CLK 320 CDI SPORT @ 86k. :crazy: They are offering me 7k for a previous 1 lady owner car with low miles which i think is a decent offer? I was hoping for around 7.5k if im being honest...
  18. Aerialmark

    Propshaft parts in exchange for 1 of my Kidney !

    Hi could anybody point me in the direction of a good parts supplier, I am after a front and rear propshaft coupling and center bearing for my 2001 E320CDI but cannot get the right part on ebay. They seem to do every other make model and year but not mine. I have been in touch with Blackburn...
  19. C

    Speaker exchange

    Hi all. I have a 98 clk comp and have changed my head unit and the speakers cannot handle the stereo. Can the speakers be upgraded and how big a job is it to remove old speakers / door cards etc..... Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  20. WLeg

    Exchange 2007 and SBS2008 and BT

    Anyone know a fix to use as a smarthost for any of the above ?
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