1. mbsilver

    So excited as I am getting a brand new c class but is it the facelift?

    I wonder if anyone can tell me if the 67 plate will bare any new bits since the66 plate? I.e. Facelift 2017 .? It doesn't matter to be honest as I love the w205 shape. Test drove it and got driven in it and both were pleasantly nice.... not nice but ruddy brilliant! :thumb: My second C...
  2. G

    My new C63s has landed - one excited puppy

    3 months waiting and its finally arrived. Previously owned a C63s estate, and whilst this is still on the running in phase there are some really noticeable differences. Gearbox: none of the previous clunkiness pulling away from standstill. Much improved. Rear setup: I know the coupe...
  3. kvz2000


    Hi , I'm off tomorrow to view a 1972 Mercedes W114 280e , had all relevant questions answered and loads of photos and all looks good , going to be a long day starting with a short drive , then train journey then flight then short drive but will be worth it if all goes well , overnight stay and...
  4. Alf Isty

    Get my first ever Mercedes today - quite excited!

    :D Pity it will only be for a week though. It's been 11 months since I last posted on here about getting into motoring journalism and although I've been a long-term Mercedes fan (and stalker on here) I've never actually driven one! However, after having a weekly review published in the...
  5. N

    Getting excited!!!

    My brand new E-Class is just days away from delivery. Very excited. Moved over to MB from Jaguar. :bannana:
  6. L

    Getting a bit excited

    I am currently sat in Philadelphia airport with one of Eurocharged's finest 65mm s/c pulleys in my case and a CM30 pump on its way. I cannot wait to get them home so I can bolt them to my C32 and then arrange a visit to Acid to unleash the full potential. I will be emigrating out here next year...
  7. P

    Don't get too excited!

    The people selling this vehicle only want £2,500 for it..... The catch is.... No engine.
  8. tonyc280

    So so excited

    Well I've had many Saab's Volvo's Mercedes etc etc over the years but am far far more excited about picking up my pristine C280 today from Essex than ever before. I'm 56 soon for god's sake and feel like a little kid Ha. Think it must be the change of life or something. This car really is in...
  9. L

    Rather Excited

    As the title suggests, I'm looking forward to Tuesday when I get to pick up a C220 CDI AMG Sport Plus Coupe. I've loved these ever since they came out and now I can finally get my hands on one. It's Tenorite Grey with privacy glass and a panoramic roof, heated seats, Becker Map Pilot, media...
  10. J

    Excited, can't wait to see my new refurbed wheels

    Sent my car off today to have the wheels refurbed and some new rubber. I have gone for the black chrome finish, can't wait to see what they look like :bannana:
  11. Godot

    Mercedes engineers excited by prospect of working closely with Nicole Sherzinger

    As Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton announced his move from McLaren to Mercedes, race-day engineers at his new team insisted they couldn’t wait to start working close to his girlfriend. Hamilton will race for Mercedes from next season, whilst Nicole Sherzinger is expected to be hanging...
  12. D


    As a birthday present from my lovely wife, tomorrow I'm going to Silverstone to drive 3 laps each in a Ferrari 360 F1 Modena and an Aston Martin V8 Vantage. I'll have to get in some practice with my flappy paddles on the way there in readiness for the Ferrari, and just hope I can cope with the...
  13. scottishman2

    Why do I feel like an excited kid???

    Cos tomorrow I'm going to MB World for an AMG Experience...... looking forward to it more than I ever thought I would! Had a Classic Car day at mallory park last year but somehow the AMG thing seems more exciting! Hope its not a big let down!!
  14. M

    New and excited, or what

    Hi everyone I am hoping to play my full role in the fora. Just about to pick up my first ever Mercedes! New C Class CDI 250 Sport. Cavansite Blue, Al Paca half leather interior, 7 G-tronic, dynamic handling package and Online command system. It's like being a kid again!!! Someone want to tell...
  15. h17n dj

    excited muchhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i just wish tomorrow would hurry up now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 hopefully picking the 500SEL tomorrow all being well..!!!!!! latest wednesday.! toooo excited now i just want it here NOW!!!!! im like a little fat kid and cake :doh:
  16. LTD

    Excited boring old fart alert !!

    Got my tickets to see RUSH in Glasgow next May. :bannana::bannana::bannana::bannana:
  17. R

    E55 CPR mods and 645BHP, very excited

    My 06 plated E55, with new engine fitted 5K miles back has been with CPR at Warrington for the past fortnight, having Lsd, additional cooling, minor brake upgrade, and kleemann K2 package fitted, and have had calls today from both Lawrance and Max, asking the history of the car. When they...
  18. DSLiverpool

    Im Soooo Excited And Its NOt The New Car

    After years of waiting, knowing it would happen, hoping I live long enough to participate (Im 46) on the 2/3/4 June its happening DVLA Auction Northamptonshire Lot (?) SO10 MON Guess what my surname is !! I cant stop thinking about it - I have always...
  19. smillion

    Very excited as news wheels have arrived!

    Following an earlier "lowering my E55" thread my new wheels have arrived ready for fitment on Monday. I know they are not for purists; but having unwrapped them they are absolutley gorgeous in the flesh - I could cover them in glass and use them as coffee tables :o Here they are pictured as...
  20. jadefox

    Ipod Integration...Sooooooo Excited :) :)

    Tomorrow I'm going to be going over to Alfies to have my Ipod integration thingy fitted wooo wooo wooo!!!!! I'm stupidly excited about it - I woke up in the middle of the night thinking about it (yes, really) Has anyone else retro-fitted this in their car - is it as wonderful an addition as I...
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