1. R

    There's no excuse...

    I was at Harrods today and had the misfortune to see this Ferrari which appears to have been wrapped in Fuzzy Felt. Words fail me... PS "Bader" is actually spelt out in diamanté lettering! Nice...
  2. A

    Man Flu: The excuse.

    So next time your man flu is being exacerbated by earache from the o/h, tell her to read this: 'Man flu': the truth that women don't want to hear - Telegraph
  3. asauk

    On going issue, driving me nuts, excuse the pun!

    So the fuel senders have been out and replaced, the fuel lines blown through, rubber hose and clips replaced, plastic fuel lines and o rings in the engine bay replaced, new fuel filter, and prefilter. Yesterday the car has reverted to its old ways of dying at the most inconvenient times. I'm at...
  4. flying haggis

    Avoid driving ban with odd excuse

    You couldn't make it up.. Premier League - Pulis pleads relegation to dodge driving ban - Yahoo! Eurosport
  5. A160DSB

    Excuse the Ignorance

    What are the alloys on this called?
  6. N4D5

    First polish and excuse to post pics.

    No not a polish bird :) Right over the years all the cars I've had I've never been a55ed to polish any of them, I know very bad of me. So I finally decided over this weekend to give it a blast, as it was perfect weather for it. I used: Jet wash Micro-fiber washing glove, looked like mop from...
  7. J

    What a good excuse!

    The Courier: Taking you to the heart of Tayside and Fife
  8. BTB 500

    New rail excuse - "wrong type of rain"?!

    No trains to work this morning ... apparently heavy rain caused part of the rail bridge over the River Crane (between Feltham & Twickenham) to collapse :rolleyes: :doh: Floods cause travel chaos on train line to Waterloo (From Richmond and Twickenham Times)
  9. W

    New to MB Please excuse my ignorance.

    Hi, i'm new to MB (well will be on tue when i get my 1st merc) I am so excited that i can hardly breath:D I am getting a c200k elegance estate (need for the dog) its a 52 plate with 40k on it, same guy had it from new, I bought it through local MB dealer and he has been doing warranty work to...
  10. A

    Another excuse for a Mod...

    Ok, one of my kick plates fell off a few months back and i ignored it... but now that the second one has broken off i now have the perfect excuse to get some nice shiny MB ones :D I've seen quite a few of you guys on this forum with 202's who had nice kickplates... can you recommend where i buy...
  11. portzy

    Is this a club?. Excuse me i'm new

    Hello everyone. Only joined a few days ago. Is this a club along the lines of " The MG Ownwers Club" type or similar or is it purely a forum for like minded people. Let me know as I am a bit new to the Mercedes experience (and forums). Regards, Dave, West Yorkshire, but near North...
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