1. D

    ultra rare w107 350 sl tax exempt worth saving

    Classic 1972 Mercedes r107 SL 350 Convertible. Rare Manual. | eBay
  2. Pontoneer

    Pre 1960 vehicles to be exempt from MOT

    Cutting MOT red tape for classic vehicle owners - News - Department for Transport
  3. Uncle Fester

    Tax Exempt, is it worth it?

    As per title, my point being, to save the anual tax, be it £235 or £400, is it worth buying a pre '72 car and all the hassles that go along with it to save a few quid, and screw the government toboot??
  4. K

    tax exempt project

    Ill soon be moving to a nice little bungalow with an adequate driveway and garage, after having spent most of my time working on my cars out in the street or in the car park outside my flats :bannana:. So I fancy a project with an older mercedes, preferably tax exempt. Im thinking a W114, W115...
  5. Thmsshaun

    VW Beetle 1972 TAX Exempt

    A friend is selling this and open to sensible offers. Currently in the Police force and selling as he is taking a year break to travel and work in Newzeland. Please PM me if you are interested want to know more to make an offer or for viewing. 1972 beetle, 1300 model with 1600 engine...
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