1. C

    E63 estate exhaust...

    I'm about a month into my W212 E63 estate ownership and still loving her, amazing that it can be such a comfy cruiser returning relatively good consumption, as well loading her up for tip runs, on the other hand you whack it in Sport+ and become an absolute loon in her!!! Anyway as its a...
  2. N

    C63 Exhaust Problem

    Hi Guys, First post here and sadly it's an issue with my C63 :( Only been a month since I bought the car and all of a sudden the exhaust growl isn't the same, just sounds like not like a c63 and hint of power loss too! Had an indie look at it and an Xentry diagnostic but came back with zero...
  3. Gledsyc63

    C63 rear ipe exhaust

    Used for around 3500 mile. £1750 Or can part ex a standard rear system. I'm located 20 minutes from msl performance north who will be able to fit this for you. Standard chrome tips. All electronics have been kept inside the car so are in good condition. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. D

    Recommended exhaust shops for cheaper cars - ATS, F1 autocentre etc

    Hi All The exhaust on our old budget Yaris seems to have developed a fault as its now very noisy, can anyone recommend any decent places to get it sorted? Locally we have the usual F1 autocentre, Kwik fit, ATS and the halfords autocentre, any good experiences or recommendations out of the...
  5. M

    M113k light smoke coming from exhaust

    Hi Hope everyone is doing well, I need some help please. Yesterday I realised slight smoke coming from the exhaust so when I opened the bonnet and removed the engine cover I realised oil residue around the rocker cover. Am I right to assume that the rocker cover is leaking around the seal...
  6. T

    Wanted W205 Chrome Exhaust tip

    Can anyone help me replace the little chrome tip nearside on my 2016 W205 C220 please?
  7. Psilonaught

    Questions about the ECU controlled exhaust on E63

    still early in my ownership of an E63, so still getting used to it. Today i noticed that the exhaust volume on start up, and for around 10 seconds was nice and loud, and then it dropped by about half. I sounded like a flap or valve was suddenly closing. I have read on here and elsewhere...
  8. N

    C63 AMG W204 Exhaust Tips Discouloured

    Hi Just picked up my C63 AMG W204 facelift. What an amazing car! It will be my daily driver for the next 4 years. (Fuel card helps :-)) The car is mint apart from two of the exhaust tips where the chrome has been discoloured leaving a bronze tint. In fact just on the driver's side Now...
  9. J

    W211 om642 exhaust smell interior

    When idling I can smell exhaust fumes in the cabin goes away with the recirc button and when moving. Checked the exhaust at the rear no leaks or soot deposits on the egr pipe, turbo to cat, manifold inlet pipes to turbo. It's quite choking! Changed the charcoal cabin filter and it blocked the...
  10. L

    E63 M157 exhaust questions

    I know there's been some discussion in various threads about different exhaust options but I wanted to try and consolidate everything. So as I understand it, these are the options: 1. Remove the resonators and replace with either a straight through pipe on either side, an X pipe or an H pipe...
  11. I

    W140 V8 400/420/500 front exhaust section / catalytic convertor

    Hi All, As per the title I am in need of a new front section/cat. I have an old one with melted internals to swap to cover scrap value if interested or just a normal sale Also if people are aware of what they are worth scrap wise and where close to London(Uxbridge) I could sell it that might...
  12. S

    Exhaust Tip Polish

    Hi Guys. Just wanted your experienced advice on polishing the amg exhaust tip. I don't have the time to polish myself (I'm very weak) so was wondering if anyone knows of a body shop that will use a device that will polish them quickly and effectively? Is this a thing or am I being too vulgar...
  13. Felstmiester

    Identifying exhaust

    Need help with what car this exhaust fits. For some reason the pics won't upload.
  14. C

    Getting the best out of a W208 CLK430

    Hi At the start of a long term project Any advice on mild tuning for these? I plan to make a SS exhaust as the current one is a bodged decat Was going to use a free flow sport centre and backbox. Too loud? Anyone done this? Heard a rumour there is some merit in fitting the CLK55 air box Is...
  15. Oilcan

    C63 Style Quad Exhaust Conversion for C220/250 Cdi W204

    I have for sale ME11 Cobra Exhaust Mercedes C Class (W204) C200 C220 C250 Sport Quad - AMG Style. £479 new accept £250 Genuine C63 Diffuser panel for above exhaust. £120 new accept £50 Genuine MB exhaust heat shields for the Right hand side rear. £60 new accept £30 CKS C63 Syle front...
  16. C

    Facelift A45 exhaust question

    Had a pre-facelift A45 and retrofitted the AMG exhaust which was 'on all the time', I removed the exhaust prior to sale and replaced it with the original. I now have Facelift A45 which I thought came with performance exhaust as standard?? I've Googled where the switchable control button is...
  17. C

    exhaust manifold

    Hi everyone I hope I am putting this in the right place About 5 months ago i bought an 03 c200 1.8k coupe (auto), overall I am very pleased with the car, its not the quickest off the line but the compressor engine is very willing and pulls like train, the car has only covered 70000 and has...
  18. mark_le_b

    W211 E55 Exhaust on a E500

    Afternoon Does anybody know if the back boxes from an E55 will fit an E500? Is the whole exhaust pretty similar in shape/dimensions so these can be welded on - I assume with some adjustment to rear valance Thanks
  19. mark_le_b

    W211 E55 Exhaust on a E500

    Afternoon Does anybody know if the back boxes from an E55 will fit an E500? Is the whole exhaust pretty similar in shape/dimensions so these can be welded on - I assume with some adjustment to rear valance Thanks
  20. Psilonaught

    E63 exhaust modifications without any cutting?

    Hi I'm about to take delivery of a 63 plate e63 estate with 29k on the clock on metallic white. It is on finance so i can't go around chopping bits out of the exhaust... Does anyone know if certain parts of the exhaust can be pulled apart, or is the whole length welded together as one...
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