1. N

    cant locate exhuast

    hi guys I live near Glasgow and im finding it impossible to find exhaust system cat back for 1999 slk 200 can anyone help ? thanks
  2. N

    C63 Exhuast

    Hi all, Looking for a ipe or fi exhaust for my c63. Cash waiting for one of those at a fair price. Thanks
  3. R

    W124 TE - Brabus Exhuast WTB

    W124 TE Exhaust wanted for a 3.6 brabus ...:thumb:
  4. M

    A45 AMG Rebellion Automotive Switching Exhuast

    Ok guys and girls. The switching rear box is now on our Demo car for all to see. This system is designed with performance in mind so you can have full boost in quiet mode without affecting performance. It has 4 modes essentially: Comfort - Quiet Comfort - Loud Sport - Quiet Sport - Loud...
  5. R

    190 Powerflow exhuast £45 - ends 8pm 12/3/10

    Mercedes 190 stainles steel powerflow exhaust on eBay (end time 12-Mar-10 20:52:29 GMT) not mine, just spotted it.
  6. butty871

    What exhuast shal i get on my c180 w202

    im looking at a twin pipe exhuast or some sort of chrome exhuast done tastefully ... any suggestions?
  7. A

    Pondering an exhuast upgrade..

    I'm thinking sometime soon, possibly nearer the end of the year, to remove the OEM exhaust and replace it with a custom one. Now the last time i did this, it was on a c200, and i went to MIJ performance and they did a great job. But my question here is, has anyone tried fitting a quad exhaust...
  8. F

    White smoke from W203 C220 exhuast under heavy accelleration

    On my W03 C220 CDI I have noticed that under hard/heavy acceleration there is a puff of white cloud/smoke that comes out of the exhaust which I can see from my rear view mirror. Is this normal or is there something wrong?:confused: I know that black smoke means that the injectors are probably...
  9. F

    W203 Exhuast System Technical Diagram

    Please can someone post a link/technical drawings of the entire W203 C220 CDI Elegance exhuast system including fixture/fittings. I'll explain later why...;) Thanks
  10. sym

    SL AMG Exhuast

    In case anybody's interested .... looks like a bargain !! Link S.
  11. S

    Performance Exhuast for SL500

    I'm looking into changing the centre sections of the exhaust on a 1991 SL500. The purpose is to allow some freeflow and remove the restricted feel of the response from the throttle, oh and it may sound nicer too. Has anyone replaced these sections and have there been any issues to report...
  12. Koolvin

    C36 Exhuast for C class (not V6)

    Anyone interested in the C36 AMG exhuast I have on my C180? it's for sale if someone can offer me a good price! I want to get a C43 one to match my C43 styling package.
  13. Koolvin

    AMG Exhuast II

    ok folks.... what have AMG gone and done? this is Nick's C43 Exhuast: notice that the tail pipes are NOT chrome all the way. Even on my C36 Exhuast it is like that, tips that dont go back all the way! looks cheap and tacy imo and I have as well as everyone else always complained about...
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