1. R

    Does a2035451732 q02 exist?

    All the codes I get from the tcm and the console seems to point towards a broken esp module. Or at least a broken serial interface on the esp module. The replacement which is supposed to be a2035451732 q02 seems to not exist in pictures. And all searches point to a2035451632 q02. I have...
  2. AnimMerc

    Mercedes c180 cdi exist!

    Hi folks, Perhaps you may already know this but I saw a Mercedes c180 cdi in Paris yesterday (125 edition I think). I didn't know they existed do they have them in the UK?
  3. MD5

    1970s Argyll St London Bar - did it exist?

    Can any of you older guys help with my memory failure please?! Was there a bar in Argyll St, in VERY close proximity to the Palladium, called the Ansell, or something very similar, around 1977/78? I thought it was almost next door towards Oxford St, and I'm not confusing it with the Argyll Arms...
  4. I

    Does the chance of a relatively un-rusty W210 exist?

    Hi All, Sorry to bring-up an old chestnut so far from Autumn, but….. I’ve a chum interested in a buying a decent older car. I’m singing the praises of the W124, but I’ve a feeling going more modern is an option. A lot of 210’s seem to be making less than there predecessors with good...
  5. The Boss

    w221 - s400? did this ever exist in the UK

    is this eddie stobart? dunno.. but more so, whats with the S400 AMG?
  6. developer

    4 wheel drive E320CDI - UK Spec - you told me it didn't exist

    :D Mercedes-Benz E Class E320 CDI AVANTGARDE [EURO 4] [7] 5DR TIP AUTO 3.0 2005
  7. F

    Vin checker says my vin doesn't exist

    Just been using a few of those online vin checkers to see the spec of my car and its saying my vin doesn't exist, I've double checked it on the v5 and the drivers door sticker and its correct? Anyone know how to find out my cars specs via the vin number and should I be worried about it not...
  8. MOR8A

    Monthly Insurance? Does it exist?

    I know you can pay for insurance monthly, but that's not what I'm asking. I want a policy that I can pay for monthly and close it when I have sold the car that is covered on it (without getting shafted) as I have no intention of keeping the car for a year (I'm not talking about the E55k here)...
  9. W

    Does such a car exist?

    Negotiating with my wife on a possible new car gives me empathy towards Euro MPs negotiating trade deals! I thought the plan was to sell the Smart, she takes over my A2, leaving me some money to buy a car for myself. After all, who wouldn't want a small economical car for those short town...
  10. Sp!ke

    Bridge insurance - does it exist?

    Just wondering if insurance companies offer some kind of bridge insurance to cover you for a second car while it is for sale?Could be an overlap of a couple of months or so. Has anyone done this before?
  11. The Boss

    Did this car really exist in 2001??

    Platinum Autos : **Limited Edition** Mercedes CL63 AMG
  12. M

    My car doesn't exist!!!!

    just for a giggle i wanted to get a quote from MB on insurance... and to my shock according to the website MB did not make a W124 300D in the year of 88! ive tried going earlier by a year, even two! but it insists that my year of manufacture is wrong! do i own a ghost car???
  13. bpsorrel

    D service doesn't exist anymore!

    Just been to MB MK 'cos my S211 tells me it needs a D service soon. Get there and they tell me that's been discontinued and it's either A or B plus filters, oil etc as needed. Anyway, to cut to the chase, ball park figure they quoted was around £600!!! Gulp!
  14. Colin_b

    Does this car actually exist?

    I've been looking for a C class (or possibly E ) Estate. Budget 10k or so. Has to be diesel and auto. Also has to have cruise control and xenon lights (factory fit). Nice to haves like comand , leather etc, but not essential. I've spend hours traveling, and phoning people who have just this...
  15. IMD

    W124 estate bodykits.....did they exist?

    Just wondering...did W124 estates ever come with bodykits...amg, carat, etc. If so, has anyone got any images they could upload? Ian
  16. Crazyjester900

    does this exist

    hi guys, i am going through an insurance claim, (the rock off the truck) and i have a few quotes, as other have mentioned i really feel as if i am being treated like a person who is trying to rip off the insurer. It frustrates me greatly as i just want my car back on the road!! I just wanna...
  17. ckember

    good samaritans still exist

    I have had a bad few hours after discovering I had lost my wallet after a quick trip top McDonalds for diner as a treat for my little boy. Two hours after returning home I realised it was missing. McDonalds where no help, and I couldn't find it at home in the car or anywhere else. Whilst in...
  18. A

    Does Service Plus still exist? (for existing customers)

    Hi. Although this is my first post I have been lurking on this forum since August 2006 when I bought a May 2004 S211 320CDi. During the nine months it was still under manufactures warranty I was a regular visitor to my local MB dealers, so just before it's third birthday I signed up for 3 years...
  19. S

    Does Service Plus still exist?

    I've just contacted my local dealer and asked for a service plus quote. I've been told that I've got to get two different quotes, one for a 12 month warranty quote and one for a service quote. So far I've only had the warranty quote, but that's come in at: £1056 + £200 inspection fee (to...
  20. G

    Does this company really exist?

    http://www.carmatchltd.co.uk You call their number, it says number not regonised. You email them they dont reply. Is it a fake company?
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