1. N

    W202 Expanding vacuum lines to fit connectors

    Hello, I have installed 2 tone leather seats from a C43 into my C230K. The seats are orthopedic. I am trying to hook up the orthopedic system, but I have run into a major problem. I was able to purchase the vacuum lines and the connectors from the dealer but I absolutely cannot fit the...
  2. S

    expanding foam?!?!

    I have recently bought an ml270 02 plate, after having a problem with heater plugs the aa man noticed when he lifted the eengine cover the engine apperead to be covered in expanding foam. does anyone have any idea why someone would do this?
  3. BarryS

    ever expanding repair cost

    Glow plug warning light on. Dealer storey so far: 1. 20-pounds plus labour which is not high if it's on cylinder 1, which it was. 2. Found leaking rear back axle - 170-pounds (I hadn't seen any oil on garage floor which I did when the front axle leaked few months ago) 3. Glow plug is...
  4. F

    W210 Expanding cupholder

    W210 Expanding cupholder I only want £10 for it plus p&p
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