1. Druk

    Motor Legal Expenses.

    What's the panels view on add-ons to car insurance policies? I'm thinking: Legal Expenses and Personal Accident Cover for instance. Are they worth the additional premiums or are they just a bit of a 'con'. Has anyone actually used Legal Ex and was it worth it? I've just had my renewal notice...
  2. A

    Faulty clutch: Can I claim for expenses?

    Hoping you guys can help me out here. :) I recently bought a clutch from a seller on eBay. Seller had good feedback, it was a branded clutch (Exedy). I had the seller confirm it was the correct clutch for the car before buying. It arrived, took it to my mechanic to fit. He fitted it. Told me it...
  3. W

    Legal expenses Insurance

    Insurance renewal time again....:( This brings me to an issue that has confused me for years. Every car insurance policy i've ever had offers legal protection as an optional extra, usually around £30 for the year. But what is this for, and is it really necessary: We have three vehicles in...
  4. Mat B

    Mileage claims and expenses

    Hi can anyone give some advice of what can be claimed in mileage and expenses for a personal car please. I'm looking to find out rate (40p a mile) And how many miles you can claim this up to. So is there a cut off at a certain point. The basic jist is I have taken a new role in a...
  5. KillerHERTZ

    Mercedes-Benz US Chief Fired Over Expenses Abuses

    Mercedes-Benz US Chief Fired Over Expenses Abuses Mercedes-Benz has fired its head of U.S. operations, Ernst Lieb, over allegations of financial irregularities. Reports have emerged in several publications alleging that the well-liked Lieb was relieved of his duties due to expense...
  6. Satch

    MP's expenses: the man who did

    And in my opinion deserves a Knighthood for blowing the lid off that can of parasitic worms. As a graduate of Pegasus Company and being able to tell you all about the Hereford Boathouse, no better man for the job. John Wick: I am proud to have exposed expenses scandal - Telegraph
  7. B

    Full List MPs Expenses

    BBC NEWS | Politics | MPs' expenses in full, 2007-2008 Pass it on - everyone should know
  8. R

    MPs Expenses Justified

    or not. What do you think. Personally I think a helipad is an expensive thing and someone has to pay for it.
  9. flango

    Windows Mobile Mileage Expenses software

    Hi All This year I am doing a lot of consultancy work and need to keep track of my business mileage and expenses incurred on clients business. I run a Palm Treo Pro phone/PDA similar to a Blackberry but running on windows Mobile 6.1, so thought the easiest way of doing this was to get some...
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