1. G

    Expensive paint

    I have the. Designo Hyacinth Red ( BTW...There is no red Hyacinth) Why is it more expensive than normal metallic paints?
  2. K

    Is this conservatory quote too expensive, please?

    Hello, I have received a negotiated quote of £32,000 from Everest for the following specification conservatory; - 6m X 3.5m - uPVC framed - 600m base brick wall around the full conservatory - One side wall in full brick - Piling foundation - A step - 1 double door and 1 folding door...
  3. Tim203

    Expensive cars

    With the fall of the pound mean cars will become more expensive or will they stay the same or will the market recover quick enough not to affect it. I'm off to Germany in August and it's already looking pricey!
  4. JohnEclass

    Expensive problem

    My lad just got his C220 back from local indie... key would open car but would not start car.... key checked and ok, so diagnosed as the control unit which is mounted in steering column which apparently needed hammer and chisel treatment then a new unit / master key from Mercedes for coding...
  5. D

    super low miles super expensive s211 e55

    Mercedes-Benz E Class 5.4 E55 AMG 5dr green apparently. I think its going to take a while to find the buyer but I dare say they are out there.
  6. 350_Coupe

    C55 on Autotrader - bit expensive ?

    MERCEDES-BENZ C CLASS 5.4 C55 AMG 4dr Saloon for sale in Woking | Auto Trader does that seem a touch excessive ? .... and keyless go, on a 203 C-Class ?? also crap photos
  7. uumode

    Can choice of own repairer be a more expensive quote?

    Normally with previous older cars I'd just go for the cheapest big name car insurer on confused/gocompare e.g. Aviva, AA, M&S, L&G at about £180-£200 pa. Having just acquired a brand new car, reading the small print of these companies most infer that you have to use their approved repairers...
  8. 219

    Tidy W123 , albeit expensive

    Pity about the number plates 1984 MERCEDES 230 CE 230 CE COUPE PETROL | eBay
  9. Bryan Allman

    Instead of buying an expensive exhaust .......

    Try this :) https://youtu.be/FmNolu_ZUpk
  10. I

    Most expensive on car UK Ebay?

    1965 Ferrari 275 GTB Twin Cam | eBay OK, so I've had a two or beer.
  11. spinaltap

    Expensive Mini

    This week, I visited Sytner Mini in Solihull to look at their recently released 5 door model. There on sale was a fully restored classic Mk 1 model from the late 1950's. With 32k miles on the clock, it is yours for £32k.
  12. D

    1957 sls off old 300 sl for sale more expensive than current sls models??!!

    1957 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL | eBay
  13. I

    Incredibly Expensive W123 Estate.

    The only other reference to B*llocks, apart from me saying that no one will be seeing mine dangling in whatever the modern equivalent of Burton’s window is if this makes that money, is me saying that his price for this is utter B*llocks. (Though I do notice it boasts a Heated Rear...
  14. bpsorrel

    The most expensive Audi in the World!

    I love the bit where he says "this is a rare model..." Should think it had to be VERY rare for what he's asking for it!! :D:D:D Audi S6 4.2 quattro Avant Tiptronic For Sale (2000) on Car And Classic UK [C489639]
  15. E270 Owner

    An expensive little prang 8 Ferraris

    This will take more than t-cut to sort out...... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kv9gGDk0j4I
  16. D

    2nd car proving expensive!

    I would like to have an m3 tag top as a 2 nd car. I've tried multi car insurance companies bur it seems the 2nd car stands alone. How do people insure their 2nd cars? I've tried Adrian Flux to no avail.
  17. W

    tyres 25% more expensive than last year

    Has anyone else noticed that tyres seem to be quite a bit more expensive than this time last year. I'd expect maybe a 5% increase due to inflation, material, transport costs etc, but 25%. What's driven this price up, or is it just the specific size I'm after 205/55/16?
  18. JohnEclass

    Expensive sidelights

    Just helped my son fit his new LED angel eye sidelights on his BMW 320 coupe.....H8 replacements. They look good but you need the hands of a baby to fit them!.......and they cost £70 for a pair!! There's a market for you there Killerhertz!!
  19. O

    watercooled Alternators sound expensive ?

    Driving home in my 2005 W220 CDI this evening my dash lit up with Battery charge warning visit workshop..my xmas wish is I hope a Bosch Regulator Brush kit will be a quick fix to my problem or could it be a water cooled Alternator and more cash..any ideas guys ?
  20. A

    Tad expensive???

    Surely this is 10k over priced?? Used 2009 Mercedes-Benz AMG E63 AMG for sale in Fareham | Pistonheads
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