1. clk320x

    Euro-tunnel experiences?

    People here who have used the euro-tunnel how was it? Might be using it this summer rather than the ferry as its much quicker.. Cheers Abs
  2. gr1nch

    Experiences picking up a new car on 1st March? At Grimsby?

    The dealer in buying from were keen to point out said they'll be very busy. They've back-to-back 30 minute pickup slots all day and I picked one. Curious on members experiences getting a new car on this day. * Do all the things happen that you would get when normally buying a new car at a...
  3. gr1nch

    W222 experiences and tips?

    So my car has arrived at the dealership (at last!) and I can't wait to pick it up, but I'll have to for a month, as I had decided on a 2017 registration. In the meantime I'm learning all I can alloy the car and it's systems. Can the W222 owners on here share their experiences or tips? From...
  4. J

    Car driving experiences

    Hi, just wondering if anybody has any recommendations for driving experiences to buy? I was given a red letter day experience driving an Aston, or Ferrari or Audi etc, but also got the receipt! What have people done/or would recommend? I'm West Midlands/Welsh borders located. Cheers Sent...
  5. Bryan Allman

    Sky Q - Experiences of users - Good or bad

    As per the title......... I am thinking of going for Sky Q but on reading the forums, all the postings seem to be negative which to some extent is to be expected as people rarely post when things are going as they should be. Bearing that in mind, has anyone any positive experiences to...
  6. D

    W212 - members experiences on A service costs?

    Hi All Was just wondering what you guys have been quoted by main dealers in the past to service your W212 for a A service, doesnt need ATF etc, car is under Tier 1 warranty and as its just a A do want to go to the dealer. Just wanted to get a idea of prices that have been quoted to members...
  7. D

    Anyone had any good experiences with MB Watford?

    Hi All I've got some work which I need to use MB Watford for as it will be FOC (long story, wont go into it here), however I am concerned about the level of negative feedback on them. In a hope to balance things out, has anyone actually had decent service there?
  8. Gurd63

    My experiences with a GLE Coupe

    Afternoon all, Week 1 with the GLE Coupe has just gone. My 2012 E63 AMG went into Mercedes the other week due to the engine management light coming on. I took it into merc and they say they suspect that it was a wiring loom fault or the dreaded timing issue which is a known issue on the...
  9. C

    Fault code 9103 info experiences

    9103 The resistance value in the ignition circuit containing component R12/6 (Left rear ETR ignition squib is too high) Hi guys been reading on this topic abit since I have had the same srs restraint system defective message come up. Has anyone eles had any problems with this? I believe it's...
  10. S

    New Audi Q7 - Any experiences

    I need to replace the 212 with a seven seater and one of these is top of my list at the moment because as much as I want to I can't fall in love with the GL (if that what it's still called :dk:) I've had very little luck managing to get a test drive thus far; a combination of working away...
  11. D

    Member experiences of online gap insurance providers

    Hi All Have put a deposit down on a 4 year old approved used W212 and one of the questions I'll get asked is if I want gap insurance which I do want, I've seen other companies online providing this cover, just wanted to see if any members here have used them with success? Do not want to buy...
  12. H

    Any experiences with SWAG brand ATF

    Hi, Long time reader, first time poster! I'm going to do my first ATF change on my 2005 w203 (facelift, WDB2032081F650135). I bought everything needed from Germany because the prices were great compared to local retailers. I bought a relatively cheap ATF by SWAG, I have used some of...
  13. D

    Mercedes Watford or MK - bodyshop repair experiences?

    Hi All Following a recent accident i'm trying to get quotes for repair on my W211, Watford have said they can pickup the car and provide a estimate. Has anyone ever used them for accident damage repair? i've been having a look and cannot see if they have their own body shop onsite or if they...
  14. 350e

    C-Class 350e - Your charging experiences

    In order to reduce pressure on that other thread, the size of which is now getting silly, I am reporting my experience of charging, Chargers and all related stories. Charged mine today via a Chargemaster point and after the initial faff associated with the connectivity to the post I charged the...
  15. E270 Owner

    Shpock Experiences good/bad

    Good Hi Been using this app for a short while. So far all is good seems to be a fairly honest few transactions using PayPal and bank transfer so far but only on small amounts under £20.00 via the post/courier. I know the point of it is for local purchases but my transactions were...
  16. I

    Mercedes Benz World experiences

    Hi All, My company is having our Christmas party at Mercedes Benz world and as part of that we have the option of doing a track experience (We still have to pay for it though!) Has anyone given these a go? I was thinking of doing the 30 mins in a car 30 mins in a 4x4. Cheers Ivan
  17. HumberMart

    Recent buying experiences

    Due to assisting 2 sons to buy cars over the last few weeks, and then one for myself, I've managed to max out my most pleasurable hobby quite well recently. However it wasn't always a pleasurable experience of course, and it's fair to say that Mercedes were squarely at the bottom of the pile...
  18. b1g1an

    MB World Under 17 on and off road experiences

    I'm thinking of getting the 1 hour on road and 1 hour off road experiences for my soon to be 15 year olds birthday, anybody got any experience (no pun intended) of these?
  19. Maurauth

    VÄTH - Experiences / UK Suppliers / Prices?

    Hi, I don't suppose any of you guys have had any dealings with VÄTH? On my quest for the perfect exhaust system for my SLK 250 I've come across their systems online, unfortunately they don't list prices and there's not very many high quality videos on YT. I've emailed but not had a...
  20. The _Don

    Pure Driving Experiences: Route Napoleon in a Mercedes C63 Black Series

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