1. I

    Anyone an expert on M273 engine?

    The early idler gears teeth wear out. As there is no balance shaft on the m273 and it is literally a timing chain idler gear. Why can't this simply be done in situ? Remove the cam covers, remove the the timing chain case cover, undo the tensioner, would this not leave enough room to be able to...
  2. developer

    Photoshop (or similar) Expert Required

    I need this woman removed and the letter C returned to it's original state, in both a white background/black lettering and a black background/white lettering. This is only a rough example, not the actual image I need altering. I'd be grateful if anyone can help please - I'm waiting for a...
  3. 7om

    55AMG expert ideas? Bad noises...

    Hi, Just wondering if any 55 AMG owners have had this issue. At first I suspected the tensioner idler bearing but on closer inspection this afternoon, the noise seems to be coming from the supercharger rotating thing behind the pulley. With the belt removed there's a bit of play when...
  4. M

    Sprinter Expert needed

    Hi guys had a problem with my dpf on my 2011 313 sprinter so decided to gut it and remap it out, like i did with my audi. However the guy that did the job (who did my audi) never worked on a mb sprinter before. Long story short the sprinter aint happy and keeps bringing eml issues and...
  5. B

    Any Mercedes CL W215 expert here? :(

    Hello, I just bought a CL 500 2000 and I found out it got 2 issues. 1. The sunroof won't open, it goes up like it's about to open and then it just stops, I can hear the engine working. 2. The drivers side doorlock won't open electrically just manually from the steel pin or whatever in...
  6. J

    STAR Expert needed Sussex/Kent area

    Hi, I need some help. The previous owner had the glow plugs coded out via STAR on my w211 V6 cdi. I want them back! Suggestions much appreciated, Cheers Jon
  7. Philbask

    Jetronic KE expert anyone ??

    Running out of ideas myself, need to know why ECU would appear to work correctly at cold start / start-up / over-run but normal driving it keeps ramping EHA current to minus 10 mA ?? :wallbash:
  8. N

    KE Jetronic Expert London Area

    Hi, Can anybody recommend a KE Jetronic expert in the London area who can look at my 190E? Doesn't necessarily have to be a Mercedes specialist since VWs, Volvos, Saabs etc. of the era used the same system. Quite a few "Mercedes specialists" I have encountered are ok with routine work but it...
  9. Sp!ke

    anyone a pagoda expert?

    Does anyone have any in depth knowledge about Pagodas? Martin (who ownes that lovely E500 that was at Benz on the green) is thinking of buying one as a restoration project and wondered if anyone could offer any advice?
  10. simonc63

    Just an expert confirmation needed

    Hi guys Appreciate this has been done before BUT can I get a confirmation that the following work I'm about to get done on my C63 wagon is:- 1)Worthwhile 2)Not going to lose OEM drivability 3)Correct products I've ordered the HR lowering springs which I believe is 20mm all round drop. HR...
  11. Gollom

    Who is the expert on here at spotting ebay scams?

  12. gt-83

    w124 expert needed (part 2!)

    Guys, i think i jumped the gun when i marked my earlier thread (w124 expert needed) solved! ive spent hours on this car, and exhausted the net of info, your thoughts please Originally the car (300ce 1992) got up to temperature then died instantly, with the help here, it was narrowed down to...
  13. gt-83

    w124 expert needed

    Guys, can anybody help me with a problem on a 1992 300ce I have spent hours searching the net, and although i can find similar problems i cant find exact one as mine This car starts instantly, everytime, then it idles lovely and smooth, temperature rises until the car gets to about 85 degrees...
  14. P

    Expert C270 CDI W203 advice sought :)

    Hello I have just acquired a C270 CDI Elegance estate. 100K miles and full merc service history :bannana:. There are one or 2 things I'd like to ask of the expert mbclub... 1) I have bought another rusty merc! :wallbash: Well its not too bad, just a v slight bubbly on the inside of the rear...
  15. WDB124066

    Glasurit paint expert needed....

    What is the difference between these clear coats? I'm looking for the best one to resist fine scratches... TI - Glasurit Layout TI - Glasurit Layout TI - Glasurit Layout ...what are the advantages/disadvantages of them?
  16. DSLiverpool

    Need a real MB expert 1988 era

    Guys is this not a great thing to have for winter? Sat here thinking £3k - ill get £2k back...
  17. Abdel Rahman

    Need a gearbox expert in windsor or Slough

    Hello guys , I have having a gear box oil leak ,automatic c180 2003 the first guy replaced the rubber sealant of the gasket and the car was fine and no leaks for at least 2 month . Now the problem appeared again , and the transmission slips form 1st to 2nd , the the car suddenly jolts ...
  18. flango

    Diesel Expert opinions required

    Hi Guys Need some help and advice if anyone has come across this before, firstly it's a BMW engine :ban: 3.0 litre diesel in a E60 525 M sport. It has had the DPF removal by Eco-Tune Scotland see HERE It also has EGR delete. Recently upon accelaration and on overun there is massive amounts of...
  19. chubbs111

    auto elec or ice expert needed

    sorry its not a merc my saab 2007 9-3 vector estate the front speakers were making a noise even with radio and ignition off,the noise stopped but now when i start car and put radio or cd on there is a hight pitch squeal that gets louder and louder for about 1 minute then the noise...
  20. W

    Are you a Higgs Boson expert?

    Are you a Higgs Boson expert? ;) Anyone else noticed how many Higgs Boson experts there are at work these days? I’m surprised they aren’t down at CERN helping out they all seem to know so much. Funny how quickly the unknown becomes known, then becomes common knowledge. :)
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