1. I

    exploded parts manuals

    Hi needing some odd bits to tidy up latest addition to our fleet, is there any web sites that have exploded diagrams with part numbers or is there any software that one can get that narrow parts the chassis number?
  2. P

    Front drivers side bearing exploded at 80MPH!

    I think I have had enough of Mercedes cars. 2008 Mercedes E280. Headed off for our annual camping vacation to the South of France on Friday. Caught the Dover to Calais ferry and headed off down the autoroute at 80MPH / 130KPH reached Reims 2.5 hours in. The car felt great. Passed a vehicle in...
  3. optimusprime

    exploded diagram of circulation pump

    Haveing problems finding information on the auxiliary water pump .I have removed it and opened it up but i can find no way this pump as held water. Realy want diagram so i can see whats wanted to replace the seals.It as been working till yesterday .It is now dripping out the bottom of the...
  4. B

    c32 driveshaft exploded.

    Hey. Pulled away from some traffic lights not launching it maybe half throttle.. bang lost all drive nasty clunks and noises Have no drive no park no nothing. Engine warning light is on all the TCU/ABS is disabled. Had to push it off the road. Had a look drive shaft snapped in half...
  5. C

    Gutted - Wheel bearing exploded

    Driving home in my E320 cdi 2004 on Thursday experienced a sudden bang & terrible noise coming from the drivers side front wheel. Following investigation it appears the wheel bearing has shattered & then due to the heat has melted around the axle stub ! Had hoped to get my car back from the...
  6. A

    Exploded Diagrams - PAS specifically

    As above fellas, I've developed a leak on one of the pipes from my PAS pump, I need to correctly identify it so that I can order a new one (without stealer prices) where do you get your exploded diagrams from and part numbers please? Also any recommendations where to buy said pipe? My car is a...
  7. 1

    270cdi pipe exploded (the one coming out from the turbocharger)

    These days I was wondering about sprintbooster and/or remap my car since a little bit bored and...till know bullet proof engine:mad: today I changed my idea How is possible that the plastic pipe (not the following hose to the intercooler) can be destroyed in this so easy way? I was only...
  8. A

    Exploded diagram of a E class rear locking system please (S211)

    Hello Has anyone the exploded diagram of the rear boot looking / self closing on an E class estate (S211) The Boot 'should' pull close on its own but isn't. I can hear the motor trying to but it doesn't? Thanks
  9. nick.ged

    passenger window was sticking, now exploded!

    anyone got a r129 passenger door window glass for sale?
  10. Barney9304

    Exploded diagram

    As per the title does anyone know where I can get an exploded diagram of all the parts in the washer system so that I can identify a part that is leaking?
  11. S

    HELP! heated rear window exploded

    My Heated rear window has just exploded! It has never worked while i have owend the car (since july2007).When switched on,Light on dash has always illuminated &relay in rear fuse box has always clicked. I Removed tailgate trim this afternoon,which revealed both spade connectors(one to each side...
  12. A

    Whats the website (russian?) that you can see exploded diagrams of parts?

    Hello I after the website that lets you view the exploded diagrams of parts for my car. ML163 Thanks
  13. Spinal

    So today my car exploded...

    Well, not really... As in not today :P It exploded yesterday! :mad: Exploded you may say? Impossible! Well, it sure felt like it! This is what happened; - drive from Uxbridge to Barbican, 1hr 10mins stuck in traffic practically - pick up three ladies (friends from way back, ones a doctor...
  14. S

    C 180 exploded while in traffic jam

    I recently upgrades from a 190e to a C 180 auto 65k 1997 with no EC Last Friday bank holiday rush i was caught up in traffic jam (100 meters in about 1hr). Just after a hour i hard a loud explosion and then steam all over the bonnet. The radiator had explodes and the antifreeze has spread all...
  15. KillerHERTZ

    My battery has exploded!!!

    Earlier today I filled up with petrol, started the car and heard a huge BOOM, I got out looked around the car and under thinking I may have been another car drving past or somthing :confused: little did I know what was going on in the boot... (I was in a hurry). Finished work tonight, got to...
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