1. lisa110rry

    Just had two massive explosions behind my office

    We've just experienced two massive explosions which shook my laptop and are pouring black smoke into the air. We think it's from the roundabout which gives access to the motorway. Seems much bigger than a car would cause, the there were two massive bangs. Nothing on the BBC yet. We hope...
  2. T

    Boston Marathon Explosions

    Just herd from my cousin in the states that there has been 2 loud explosions at the finish line of the marathon. Early info is that it could be bombs. My thoughts go out to the families if those injured.
  3. Flyer

    Chester Explosions

    Just been out to head to Cheshire Oaks (retail park) but couldn't get on the M56 due to it being at a standstill. Would appear from Sky News that there has been four controlled explosions at Chester Services and the M56 has been closed at that junction :eek: The Sunday Times ran a report at...
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