1. zsmaster

    Export used MB from UK

    Hi all, I want to buy Mercedes w124 here in UK and bring it to Poland. What is the procedure to buy a car in UK for non resident? (I am Ukrainian by the way). As I understand the idea must be the same as in Germany: seller de-registers the car , give me all the papers (what kind?:dk:), I pay...
  2. A

    Export from Comand

    Hi all, I'm about to change my W204 with Comand, and ideally I'd like to be able to export the addresses from the SatNav. is this possible ?
  3. Bosco

    Noob needs export advice.

    Background: I'm an Irishman permanently resident in France. I'm about to acquire my first Merc a 230E automatic. It will be MOTed but probably not taxed when I get it. I will be picking it up near Cheshunt. My plan is to take it to Kwik-Fit for a full service, new radio and getting some beam...
  4. nick mercedes

    london to export it's poor?

    Should London be able to export poor people? "A London council says it is being forced to move some of its poorest tenants to Stoke-on-Trent - saying it can't afford to keep them in the city because of the Government's housing benefits cap. Sir Robin Wales, mayor of Newham, in East...
  5. 300CE

    Mercedes e220 1997 r reg,w124 export,spares repair

    Cat C, but looks pretty tidy: MERCEDES E220 1997 R REG,W124 EXPORT,SPARES REPAIR | eBay UK
  6. T

    E Coupe for "Export"

    I had planned to order an E350 CDi Coupe Sport for March 2010 delivery after choosing it against some rivals but was put off by the fact that some items were not available that were offered on the E Saloon. Despite assurances from dealers. I was not confident that Blind Spot, Lane Keeping and...
  7. Mudster

    Anyone in the export business with experience of Russia?

    We're dealing with the supply of marble and limestone for a central Moscow Hotel refurb on a floor by floor basis. The first order has been placed for one floor and the total cost of goods is £16,000. We can physically get this order there for around the £2000 but the shocker is the import...
  8. F

    advice on import\export of a car

    Hi all, Just wondering the best way to go about registering my ole Volvo. The back story.... I have a 740 estate sitting in my garage in France. I bought it a few years ago after a disaster with a broken 4x4. I found my Volvo from a friend and paid not much for it. It ran and stopped and not...
  9. M

    Export Mercedes to India

    Hi guys, I have a 1998 W202 Mercedes C250 TurboDiesel (Sport) and I am interested in Sending it across as a present to India for family, could someone advise me on what I may need to do? Thanks in advance ManJ
  10. mobeyone

    Import Export Business

    Guys and Gals, I am thinking about going into self employment:crazy: I am not into this 9-5 malarky anymore and looking at what jobs are available has made me think a little more than normal:D Anyone know anything about the legalities of import and exporting? Whats involved etc? Would...
  11. Koolvin

    Fosters Export - 9 cases of Beer - Bacardi

    I have 9 24pk cases (cans) of Fosters Export... surplus to requirments (after sisters wedding) I also have 5 bacardi bottles - the seal is broken on them but they are full unused bottles offers? oh I also have many boxes of Wine red, white and also sparkling....
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