1. Calcifer

    American Express

    I have always been slightly mystified with this brand. Yet, a representative just called to offer their products. Each of them come with an annual fee. So I'm wondering if anyone here uses Amex and how so has it been any better? Perhaps I'm simply not understanding this correctly. :confused:
  2. grober

    Auto express allweather tyre test 2015

    latest 2015 results All-season tyres test 2015: top all-weather tyres tested | Auto Express
  3. developer

    C63 Estate In Auto Express

    Placed at number two in a ranking of 100 fast fun cars in the latest issue. Number two :cool::thumb: "the latest Mercedes AMG C63 is one of the most thrilling cars money can buy, particularly in this practical load lugging guise" Just saying really...
  4. grober

    Auto Express Driver Power Survey 2015

    Just out the 2015 Driver Power Survey. Best car manufacturers 2015 | Auto Express Mercedes comes in 11th place. :dk:
  5. M

    Chip express on 2011 e350???

    Hello, this is my first post so please bare with me. After doing a lot of Googling and searching online. I've come across this chip express for my e350 and found a few reviews on them nothing to helpful. I would like to know if many people are using them and are they worth it. If there is...
  6. grober

    Auto Express Driver Power Survey out.

    Yes the Auto Express Driver Power Survey for 2014 is out. with the Skoda Yeti winning again. Best cars to own in 2014 | Auto Express However if you switch to the reliability section the picture changes with several Hybrid:crazy: vehicles featuring at the top. e.g the Toyota Prius...
  7. grober


    Mercedes GLA 2014 review | Auto Express Quote:- the GLA is arguably the car the Mercedes A-Class should have been in the first place. For starters, where the A-Class crashes, bangs and fidgets over bumps,:( the GLA deals with them in a far more civilised, and far more ‘Mercedes’ manner. This...
  8. Satch

    Auto Express Winter Tyre test 2013

    For those thus inclined. (Naysayers and unbelievers do something else with your time) Winter tyres test: reviews and prices 2013 | Auto Express
  9. Palfrem

    Gentleman's luxury express

    1993 MERCEDES 600 SEC AUTO BLUE | eBay
  10. BTB 500

    American Express

    OK I have just been given American Express membership, backdated to 1990! I have only ever used Visa and MasterCard in the past, but I am being offered double reward points (permanently) for anything I put through on the Amex card. I thought Amex wasn't that widely accepted in the UK but from...
  11. D

    Tesco Express Petrol

    I believe that Tesco Express is often teamed up with Esso Petrol Stations. Until recently you did not earn Clubcard points on Petrol. You do know.... Hope this helps.
  12. D

    Can I delete Express Gate from my P.C.?

    My original (5 year old) Asus laptop has got my full iTunes on it and it's the only thing I know use the computer for. The memory is nearly full, so I've been looking at which program's I can delete to free up some memory and I've noticed 'Express Gate' is using up a colossal 617mb whereas...
  13. BenzedUP

    Mercedes SL63 AMG vs BMW M6 - Auto Express Must say, that new M6 looks stunning!
  14. grober

    A class Auto express Video review

    Auto express have put up a brief video review on their website on the new A class. They like the looks, though it was bit cramped in the back, and were fairly neutral about the performance and handling. :dk: Mercedes A-Class review | Auto Express
  15. T

    Cylinder Head Express In Govan, Glasgow.

    Hello, Anyone ever heard of these people ? I just called to ask if they could replace an injector seal on a Vaneo (A Class), and the bloke sounded as if he knew exactly what he was talking about. "Oh yes, what happens is the clamp works loose and we have to helicoil it and reseat it. Should...
  16. R

    Can't Replace Outlook Express

    My wife has an Acer One XP netbook and unfortunately Outlook Express isn't working very well any more and I think it needs reinstalled. Anyway it appears I can't download it anymore and the replacement for express only works on windows 7. Can anyone suggest a way around this or another piece of...
  17. englishdas

    National Express Psychopath

    Coming back from a theme park down the A1 coupla days ago, in the fast lane, and my partner points out a National Express coach weaving like crazy 100 yards ahead, so I back it down a bit, but it turns out heś weaving as a scare tactic to force the guys on the inside lane to pull back and let...
  18. crockers

    Auto Express Article on Elite detailing

    Noticed in this weeks mag there is a 2 page spread on Elite Detailing....nice review :thumb:
  19. grober

    New look Auto Express

    A chance to have a peek inside the latest "new look" auto express. Use the arrows at the top of the page to flick tho pages-- left mouse click to blow the page up readable level left mouse click to reduce again. AUTO EXPRESS
  20. Gollom

    £150 off Laser Treatment at Optical express!!!

    As previously posted, Suzy Cute had this done about 2 months ago and has not looked back since! <weak pun :p> She loves to death the freedom it gives and would thoroughly recommend it! Especially liked being able to jump in the pool without worries when we were on holiday :rock: She has just...
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