1. Scooby_Doo

    Seatbelt extenders,anyone used them ??

    I bought a Graco booster seat,with the backrest and headrest,for my grandson to go in the back seat of my wife's W169 "A" class. PROBLEM, the seat belt clip is mounted so rigidly in the seat base that you can't get the belt to lock in place easily as the booster seat base sits flush with the...
  2. J

    c class 1997-2000 arch extenders

    am still on the look out for a set of arch extenders for my 1998 w202 c class. i know these are difficult to find and im not paying dealers price. anyone out there have a set they wish to sell :)
  3. Tan

    Wireless Range Extenders

    Hi I have a Virgin Super Hb with their 30Mb service and the signal strength of the wireless is horrendous, its a know problem and I have carried out all of the suggestions to improve things, but they are still not great. So my options are change the router and I have been recommended the...
  4. M

    Seat belt extenders

    Hi, I am picking up my 05 C220 CDI Estate on Wednesday (which I am really excited about), I am a tad disabled after a stroke and need to put a seat belt extender to make it easier to secure the belt,, Firstly,,, do I have a W203 or an S203? secondly,,, I need the measurement of the part of...
  5. shanksy

    W124 coupe seatbelt extenders

    Hi, having first issues with seatbelt extenders, passenger side extends out but doesn't retract. Have been manually pushing in but have surprisingly found little out by searching except for the cabriolet's. Where would be the first place to start, i've ruled out fuses as they extend fine...
  6. C

    C43 Bumpers / Wheel Arch Extenders / W202 rear light lens

    Hello everyone, just joined, first post. Just bought my first MB, a 1999 C43, which I’m delighted with. I’ve got a few questions that I hope someone can answer; I’ve checked in the forums and can’t find obvious answers. 1. Bumpers. I’ve seen pictures of others’ C43s where the bumpers, and...
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