1. thebook

    Exterior mirror dip in reverse

    Good evening, I picked up my new (to me) 2011 E350 CDI Cabriolet (A207) today. Very happy with it so far. One question (and I have searched the site) I have is: When I go into reverse should the passenger mirror automatically dip? I'm fairly sure my coupe used to back in 2009. This one...
  2. Sonny Burnett

    W208 exterior plastic clips Help

    Hi guys Finally had the wings changed for euro car parts ones which actually fit almost perfectly. My old wings and trims plastic clips where completely ruined and I need help sourcing replacements, images attached to show what it is exactly I'm after. Any help greatly appreciated. Sent...
  3. Palmer

    W124 Exterior Trim

    Has anyone ever coded the trim on W124? Mine has the amg front bumper - plans are to have the amg kit all round. I did debate about colour coding the door trim, door handles and boot trims. But think it will be ''too white'' Toying with the idea of gloss black on the trims instead Door...
  4. P

    removing and replacing exterior door trim/strip - b class

    Hi, i have 2005 b class. I need to replace the silver exterior rear door strip that runs horizontal on the outside of the rear door. About half way down the door. ie the silver strip that is abotu a cm thick. Part o mine has been ripped off. Can i just pull it off, or is a special tool...
  5. W

    Any recommendations for exterior wood finish/woodstain?

    Hi Gang, Looking to refinish some wood cladding on a small part of the house outside. It's pine T&G which has been stained in dark woodstain - Sadolins type finish. I did refinish it a few years back in the original colour but was never too keen on it - a bit too glossy and...
  6. Dave.tam

    Exterior lighting issue

    Afternoon all, I have only had my W205 a couple of weeks, yet the LED in my OSR door handle isn't working. Not sure if it ever was tbh as I only noticed the lights illuminating the exterior handles the other night lol I have been back to my dealer to get in booked in, but does anyone know...
  7. Sazzyb

    vinyl wrap exterior trim

    I want to get the chrome trims blacked out so I requested a quote from a place locally. They quoted me around £340 to do the window trim, front grill, x2 LED parts,boot handle & rear MB Star badge in gloss black. Is this a normal cost for something like this, since it is mostly labour cost?
  8. foxy1305

    W211 exterior mirror

    I have been to.d by the dealer that I need a new mirror frame on my 58 plate w211 (facelift design) as it has stopped folding because some wire have broken. This will cost over £300!!! Anyone got a link to images, a walk though or video on how the mirror can be removed so that I can see if I...
  9. L

    Intermittent exterior warning light

    Hi all, I am new to the forum with a 99 c250 td. I have an intermittent exterior light warning symbol that keeps appearing on the dash. I have checked all bulbs including reverse, parking lights, fogs and number plate lights. I have checked the fuses and fuse box for any corrosion at...
  10. foxy1305

    Exterior mirror not folding

    I have a 58 plate e320cdi My near side mirror has stopped electrically folding. It started being reluctant but with help it would fold and unfoldi no problem. But then it got part way folded and stopped. I helped again but it seem to stick. Now when it unfolds it stops just shot of fully...
  11. mac999

    w211/W219 Self Dimming Interior Mirror & Self Dimming Exterior Mirror Glasses

    WANTED: W211/W219 Self Dimming Interior Mirror & Self Dimming Exterior Mirror Glasses Cash Waiting Contact : 07813626249
  12. poormansporsche

    Plastidip/Hydrodip - Exterior Rubber Parts - Possible ?

    alright good peoples, I know you cant paint rubberised plastics but what about this new fangled plasti dipping or hydro dipping ??? I want to colour code my arch spats silver ?? any thoughts Regards Brett
  13. D

    W124 Parts - Some interior some, some exterior

    Hi Im looking for the following parts: front bumper grill cover (preferably green but not essential), may take full bumper if green and in good condition front grill badge: zebano wood center console section: also a Green bonnet as mine has a few dents and if cheap maybe a rear door...
  14. c180081c

    W203 Exterior B Pillar Part Numbers

    Hi Guys, Removed the scratched and rusty b pillar trims today to repaint but they didn't survive removal, anybody know all four part numbers so I can grab some new ones?
  15. c180081c

    Help! How to remove w203 exterior b pillar trim

    Hi Guys, My exterior b pillar trim between the windows is corroding from the top and rusting, how do i remove just the trim? I have seen the stick on kits but would rather remove and clean them up before applying something over the top. Any help appreciated as searching for 2...
  16. B

    VIDEO!! W211 flickering interior and exterior lights.

    Hi, first time poster looking for a little advice if possible.....video included below. .. I recently bought a W211 e55 and have spent the last couple of months fixing various bits and pieces and getting it to my liking, one strange issue I've been having that I'm struggling to resolve is...
  17. M

    Matching exterior lights

    Hi I want to update my exterior lights for my W211 E55. I want the side lights, rear number plate lights and front fogs to match. Can anybody point me in the right direction what to buy.
  18. KillerHERTZ

    Sealant to use around UPVC Double Glazing (Exterior)

    My flat currently has some very old UPVC double glazing, when its windy I can hear a whistling coming from the windows. After looking outside I can see that on 3 sides of the windows the sealant between the window frame and the brickwork is cracking, and half of it has already come away. As a...
  19. S

    Smoking from the heaters! BAS ASR lamp & exterior bulb

    Hi guys! Set off for work on Saturday morning in my SLK(230K YEAR 1999 T-REG) got half way and the exterior bulb lamp came on and smoke started pouring from the heater vents. I obviously stopped straight away, hazards on(working fine). Opened up both windows and turned off the stereo...
  20. R

    W176 new A class exterior mirror frames and right hand mirror glass

    Hi I replaced the standard mirrors with folding ones on my wife's brand new A class. So the mirrors are for sale - useful if you have smashed one up on your A class :-( These are the frames and the lower cover. I have a right hand mirror glass too as installing dimming mirrors Mercedes...
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