1. A

    External spare wheel mount for Vito

    Hi. I've just bought a 2006 Vito Compact and want to mount a spare wheel on the outside rear of the van (has a bottle of gunk instead of a spare at the moment). Anyone done this before? Thanks, Alex
  2. MikeInWimbledon

    Experience of External headphone DAC's for Iphone?

    Has anyone got any experience (good or bad) of using an external amplifier / DAC on an Iphone 7, or similar? I'm getting annoyed with the headphone signal reaching my headphones when listening at home or out and about, and I'm wondering whether an external DAC / amplifier would be a sensible...
  3. B

    Wiring external antenna to wf2830

    Hi, I have a 2012 W639 Vito which has poor radio signal. Was advised that it was generally poor from the in screen antenna and the best solution was to install a roof nounted aerial. I have done this, but now have to attach the power wire from the aerial for amplification somewhere. I think...
  4. Sam Plant

    Rear External Black Trim for E320 Cabrio

    I'm after the bit of black trim that runs along the boot, running from one rear light the other between the number plate and the Merc badge. Mine has cracked, as per photos. Can anyone help? With thanks. Sam Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. Horrgakx

    Broken external mirror housing - how to fix?

    Hi all - I've broken the clear plastic repeater cover on my near side mirror. How do I fix it please?? It's a C250 2015 W205
  6. developer

    External HDD

    I need an external HDD - some are USB powered - are they as reliable as those with an AC adaptor? What other differences are there as they a quite a bit cheaper for the same capacity? Thanks.
  7. Max Shine

    External Temperature Gauge Inaccurate

    The external temperature indicator on my 2012 W212 today was reading 5c when infact it was 2c, according to the weather on the radio (which prompted the query) and on checking various weather apps and online, they too said it was 2c. Is there a calibration required or faulty sensor?
  8. RyanMuller

    C32 AMG Exhaust Sound Check (External Mic Test)

    Posted dozens of videos and everyone is probably bored of them but I've smiled a lot since the work done on the 32. Jerry was involved in making it fun! She sounds pretty good now! Recorded with an external microphone. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yZW7TtcfDGQ&feature=youtu.be
  9. RyanMuller

    Testing Audio Technica External Mic Under the Bonnet

    More to come, but just wanted to hear what the sound quality was like with the mic placed next to the bonnet vents. I'm quite impressed for a £20 mic, plugs straight into the iPhone. Next is to stick it to the exhaust! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=11Q6FmRGsHo&feature=youtu.be
  10. N

    Back to black for external trim

    Looking for a black trim cleaner on external trim bits like plastic and rubber. What do people use?
  11. V

    Sprinter no external temp sensor

    Hi All My 2012 sprinter 313 doesn't have an outside temperature readout. Can I add this to the van ? If so is it difficult? Cheers Vin
  12. Felstmiester

    External window rubbers go green

    My c sits outside unused for weeks at a time. I give it a wash and all is good. But then a few weeks later you can see green crap along the rubbers at bottom of Windows. A wash will remove it but is there anything you could apply to help?
  13. rom1

    drivers door handle external

    I need some help pref with pics on how to remove driver front door handle on the outside. it looks like it is in 2 parts, the handle then another part with keyhole and sensor for remote windows closure. paint on handle has flaked off and got a quote for £30 to sand it back and repaint it...
  14. adile220

    w124 e220 external temperature sensor issue

    Hi all Can someone enlighten me on the job of the external temperature sensor on the w124 - I have been told it is linked to the gearbox somehow? Also - I need to replace mine as apparently it is missing. Where are they located on the car - is it best to go main dealers for a replacement...
  15. c180081c

    w203 B Pillar trims external

    As in title all 4 external b pillar trims, apparently the c32 ones fit too. If you have some let me know. Also referred to as ornamental covers
  16. pfarre10

    Vito 639 external temp sensor

    Hi all, My van didn't come with the external temp sensor, despite it being a cheap option Anyway was in the dealers last week and while they had its chassis no on the computer I enquired as to parts, as I've seen replacement sensors on ebay for around 20 quid. WIS felt all I needed was...
  17. T

    Rear external door handle removal - 2007 W219

    Can anyone point me at or provide details of how to remove the rear external door handles on a 2007 CLS (W219)? Thanks in advance - Paul
  18. DSM10000

    W203 External boot handle failed.

    The external boot release handle on my 2003 W203 saloon has stopped working. The handle no longer opens the boot when operated and also has no sprung return so I assume it has failed internally, the boot still opens from the remote and from the internal button so I assume that the wiring is...
  19. s88

    External doors

    Can anyone recommend a decent external door manufacturer? Wife is looking for something European/German /Scandinavian. So not of wood construction. Space to fill is wider than a standard door at 1.8m approx so would need a panel as well. Thanks, S88
  20. B

    W212 E-Class Help needed - Setting external mirror tilt on Reverse

    Dear all, I own a 2011W212 E350 with folding mirror package. I seem to have a problem with setting the passenger mirror tilt setting when selecting the reverse gear. Apparently according to the manual this CAN be set whether I have memory seat or not? Or is this incorrect? Anyway, I have...
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