1. A

    Sealey TP69 6.5 ltr Vacuum Oil Extractor £40

    I have a Sealey Vacuum Oil & Fluid Extractor. It's a manual operated vacuum extractor with 6.5 litre capacity. It's boxed and as far as I know unused although I bought it from Amazon as an open box item. I don't really have a need for it and it's just sitting here in my office from when it...
  2. T

    Cleaning a Fluid Extractor

    Having just bought a Fluid Extractor ( The Screwfix one ....Best Buy as reccomended by Car Mechanics magazine ) I used it to successfully extract the Sump Oil from my Ski Boat ( a 5.7 litre Inboard ) Very Impressed got the Oil Hot before removal , tube down the dipstick into the sump, about...
  3. Bri

    Oil extractor

    Hi thinking of buying a oil extractor pump to do mid service oil change on my E220. Can anyone give me any advice, I have seen them from as little as £20 up to £60 what's the difference ?. Anyone got any tips on using one. I'm I right in thinking I need a 6 litre for my E class. Anyone who has...
  4. K

    engine oil extractor pump

    Hello people does any1 know what type of manual oil pump and where i can buy one to drain engine oil on my 2003 c220 cdi coupe.....
  5. PJayUK

    Recommend and oil extractor pump

    Seeing as I am planning to change my oil every 5,000 miles or so, an oil extractor pump seems like a nice option to make the job quick and easy. I have seen many different types on the market so I was hoping for some recommendations before I part with any cash! I quite like the idea of on the...
  6. M

    Wickes shower extractor fan kit

    Hi All, I need a little advice please. The in-built light in our shower extractor fan stopped working the other day. (Bought from Wickes, and is about three months old.) The bulb is fine. After doing some quick tests I found the transformer that powers the in-built light was at fault. I...
  7. S

    Oil Extractor

    Has anyone used an Oil Fluid Extractor when changing the oil in their car. Are they effective at removing all the oil from the sump . From what I can see they seem to save crawling underneath the car and avoid messy spillages. Comments please
  8. Satch

    Oil extractor pumps

    After a bit of searching finally found some decent looking ones which are not hugely expensive. For preference I would drain through the sump but for quick oil changes these seem great. Work like a garden pressure sprayer in reverse. Should have guessed that marine engines were bound to need...
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