1. dddooommm

    MERC CLK 270 coupe White with Red Leathers. AMG extras.

    Mercedes CLK AMG White 63 black series replica coupe c class diesel SL 55 slk cl | eBay ★★★Mercedes CLK AMG Coupe White★★★ ---★Cherished★Genuine Sale★Lots of History★--- For Sale: My loved White Mercedes AMG CLK sports car coupe. It has the rare blood red leathers & has the...
  2. mbzclk

    2006 Mercedes Benz C220 CDI Coupe - Black with extras

    For sale is my Mercedes Benz C220 CDI Coupe *Sport* model in Obsidian Black. I've owned this car for a few years however having purchased a new car this one is no longer required. The car features the following extras: - Black Leather interior - Panoramic Sunroof - Heated Front Seats...
  3. D

    01 CL500 optional extras

    Just purchased a 2001 CL500 and wondering which if any extras where fitted to it. It seems to be quite well speced. It has Heated/ cooled leather seats with massage Sat nav Hands free phone on one to one network ( bet that takes you back ) Distance control cruise control Electric...
  4. D

    Can anyone help me find out extras on new car?

    Hi guys I am treating the wife to a surprise new ml 4x4. It's a private sale and the owner has told me some of the extras but does not remember them all. If I give the reg number or chassis number can someone tell me how to source this or source for me if easy. I also need to know if the...
  5. E

    SAVE 25% Off Meguiars MT320 Deluxe Polisher Kit (Unit + Pads + Extras)

    Meguiars MT320 Deluxe Polisher Kit (Unit + Pads + Extras) Get excellent results with ease of use and a beautiful shine that lasts!! Shop Now: Meguiars MT320 Deluxe Polisher Kit (Unit + Pads + Extras) Features: Digital torque management, electronically adjusts torque to maintain speed...
  6. R

    What extras would you recommend for C63?

    Finally thinking about taking the plunge and buying a C63 coupe, seen a nice one for sale on auto trader in silver (would prefer palladium but their doesn't seem to be many in that colour around) from what i can see their doesn't seem to be many extras fitted. Mercedes-Benz C Class 6.3 C63...
  7. Adamccc

    MB Servicing 'Extras'

    I had heard this from a friend but then both a salesman and some other AMG owners denied it... But what on earth is with the extra charges whilst you have a service?! - +£20 to sit and wait for your car whilst works is being carried out +£50 to have a courtesy car Was with Audi over 5...
  8. Reamer

    Apple Watch Stainless Link Bracelet 42mm bus bundle extras £675 ONO

    Apple Watch Stainless Link Bracelet 42mm Cost to me £859 Model A1554 Part Number MJ4728/A Serial Number FH7PRM5DG9J8 Also comes with: Genuine Apple Black Sports Band Cost to me £39 Milanese Stainless Band (Not original) Cost to me £22 Spigen Desk stand for night mode. Cost to me £10 It...
  9. E

    Out of date aftermarket extras.

    Hello there, a newbie here. we've just bought our first Mercedes, a 2004 C220 diesel auto and I'm rather impressed. The problem is it has an old Nokia cark 112 hands free kit fitted. This no longer works with modern phones. The car also has a (broken) satnav fitted which has a remote control...
  10. mark_le_b

    £20,000 of extras?

    Is that possible? Mercedes E500 V8 ,1 owner, 62000 miles ,Immaculate IN&OUT,FSH, £20000 Extras !!! | eBay
  11. W

    Used MB CLS 2011 onwards what extras should I be looking for when buying?

    Hi guys Looking to get myself a CLS 250 or 350 AMG Sport 2011 onwards. Are there any optional extras to the car that I should look out for when looking for the right one? Thanks.
  12. D

    C63 car spec and extras with Vin number

    Hi guys Can anyone help me with regards my car spec if I attach the vin number WDD2043772F907574 I did contact my local MB to ask but because I was not buying from them they fobbed me off. I think it comes with Command, what exactly does this do and is it any good.:crazy: Thanks
  13. J

    Reflex Silver MK4 Golf R32 3dr + Extras 2004

    I have a new project I'm looking to get soon so I'm selling both my Golfs i purchased this after my Bmw 1M, i love these R32's such an amazing car for sub 9k and the noise of these 3.2 v6's with Millteks! (we all like a nice noise on AMG forum ;)) Thought I'd put my ad on here in case anyone...
  14. E

    Choosing the right extras for an A45.

    Hi Everyone, Looking at adding an A45 to my E63. The wife has fallen in love with it after her test drive, must admit I was very taken by it also. Just wanted to get a concensus on what any A45 owners thought were good optional extras and which weren't worth the money. Also, anyone got any...
  15. A

    C Class 2012 Optional Extras

    How could I find a list of optional extras that were available for a 2012 C Class? Maybe for an E Class too of the same year? Thanks
  16. S

    Insuring Car With Manufacturer Fitted Optional Extras - are you sure you are insured?

    I was considering buying a "Fully Loaded" car and touched on the issue of insurance http://www.mbclub.co.uk/forums/spotted-ebay/187220-57-e320cdi-full-amg-bodykit-what.html#post2068670 . The question is much wider than that particular car so probably worth discussing separately. The question...
  17. D

    w140 cl500 with loads of extras and private for 1500

  18. BIG_G_1979

    optional extras on car

    hi guys thinking of buying a w211 E280 cdi sport i have its vin number and was wondering if there was a site i could enter it and see what the car has as standard and extras thanks the car looks in good nick although it needs a detailing and wheel refurb (laquer peel) i did notice that the...
  19. blondee

    AMG Extras to 'Vamp Up' my 'fake' AMG...

    Hi guys... Happy Monday!! Just after some advice really as I have a CLC220 Sport with an AMG kit on but wanted to know if there were any specific extras you would buy to make it look and possibly sound / run 'more AMG' if that makes any sense. I've only had it two weeks but basically, I...
  20. A

    Finding out what extras car has?

    Hi guys not sure if right part of forum, Looking to find out if my car has any extras is there a website that can tell me? I know you can for a BMW type in reg and tells you all Cheers in advance ! :thumb:
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