1. D

    Engine / bonnet extremely hot

    I have a 2004 , 270 CLK CDI, I only bought it a this week and I have noticed that the engine, bonnet and wings are extremely hot after a journey. The odd thing is that the temperature gauge doesnt go higher than mid point. The bonnet gets that hot it cant be touched. Has anyone any ideas...
  2. B

    2003 E320 CDI - Extremely high spec

    Due to a temporary cashflow issue, I may have to consider selling my E320. It would be an extremely reluctant sale, since the car is incredible and I love it. Specification is the highest I've ever seen (and I've had several Range Rover Supercharged). It boasts at least £13k worth of...
  3. T

    Oil Filler Cap extremely tight W202 V6

    I've noticed this over the last few years, the Oil Filler cap on the wifes W202 seems to be getting harder and harder to get off. I now have to try and do it after a run when everythings Hot . I have before on occasion used a pair of molegrips wrapped with a towel. Is it time to replace it ? is...
  4. M

    SLK 320 2002 with extremely low mileage

    The time has finally come to sell my 2002 SLK 320 Steptronic. It has covered a genuine 24,000 miles since new and is totally original, even including the tyres which still have excellent tread depth. The colour is metallic blue with black leather. I've owned it for 11 or 12 years and there was...
  5. KillerHERTZ

    W211 Audio20 & Climate Control Screens extremely Dim

    On my Dads W211 E240 (2004) the screens on the climate control (front only, not the rear) and the Audio 20 are extremley dim, almost invisible. After an hour or so of driving, they become bright enough to be actually visible. I was thinking it was the 2nd smaller battery causing an issue...
  6. T

    Stuck in winter mode? Extremely poor response from stop

    Mercedes SLK230 Kompressor automatic R170 2000 (Spanish LHD, they don't rust in Spain at all ;) ) 95% of trips are fine. The performance of this car is fantastic with very satisfying acceleration but sometimes I get this... Pull up at a junction, pull foot off brake, car rolls as expected...
  7. mercedescl500

    Extremely RARE wheels for the enthusiast !! BRABUS

    As per title, very rare Brabus Monoblock 2 (i think?) 19's for sale. 126 SEC Fitment. Ive never seen a set come up for sale in the UK, ever. :rock: Brabus Mercedes alloy wheels Audi VW Porsche 19 inch | eBay UK
  8. S

    One Set Only: W5W Extremely Bright

    You wont find a brighter set. Will work fine with bulb system as draws nearly the same current as the original bulb. Unlike the "canbus" ready ones which use a resistor and give out little light these ones are efficient and much brighter. About 5cm long in total so do check you have the room...
  9. H

    1997 S320, 120kmiles or 1995 S280,extremely low miles?

    Hi all, Search for my dream w140 continues!.... seen two recently and wondering if you guys have any advice on which one. 1. 1997 P-plate s320 (LWB), 120k on the clock, 2 owners and a few options (electric rear seats, rear blind, softclose) - this one has regular service history, some of it...
  10. EVL124

    Extremely cheap 600SL - 15k NZD

    I must admit, I was tempted! Mercedes-Benz 600SL V12 NZ NEW 1993 for sale - TradeMe.co.nz - New Zealand
  11. NW_Merc

    17 inch AMG alloys going extremely cheap

  12. F

    Extremely loud noises on startup '01 CLK 230K W208

    Has any members here experience this : Very loud (fan/air whooshing noises) from your engines upon startup ? This happens to me in the mornings starting the car from cold. This never happened when the car was new (where it was virtually silent) but when it happened the 1st time, the dealer told...
  13. uumode

    Extremely P'ed off guy - NEW car keyed

    This happened to his new car under 7 days old http://bbs.adslguide.org.uk/showthreaded.php?Cat=&Board=freechat&Number=1432692&page=6&view=expanded&sb=5&o=0&fpart= AND to add insult to injury, it happened again the next day...
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