1. John Jones Jr

    Lovely W124

    1991/J - Mercedes 300E-24 W124, 40k miles, FSH, Sportline. 500E AMG Cosworth | eBay
  2. D

    Fab Detailer in South West London Area!

    All, I have just found an amazing detailer in the Aldershot area so within striking distance of South and West London. His name is Martin and he goes by 'Renovatio' and can be found on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/The.CarMan.Cranleigh?fref=ts See below a pic of my W124 after he did a...
  3. M

    Widebody Fab Design Mercedes SLS Jetstream

    The body has too many vents and slits but the interior is pretty cool, never seen carbon fiber weave that thick. article: The interior of Fab Design Mercedes SLS Jetstream is lavishly trimmed with some crazy kind of leather that appears to have goosebumps going on, plus carbon...
  4. developer

    Video In Motion - A Fab Upgrade.

    On Friday local indie programmed my COMAND unit to allow the DVD player to work whilst the car is in motion. I wasn't sure at first, however, I can report that on a 220 mile drive to Dumfries (to visit family for Easter) it's been a blessing. I managed to watch all of my favourite horror...
  5. tpwuk

    Fab late W208 AMG

    2002 MERCEDES CLK55 AMG V8 SILVER | eBay UK Looks like it has every extra too!
  6. tpwuk

    C43, Low miles, low price, looks fab!

    Mercedes : Mercedes C43 AMG V8
  7. M

    Changeing fab belt on an SLK 230

    Hi, I have a snapped fan belt on my 1998 SLK 230, it’s the o/s one, anyone know how to route the belt and how do adjust it, as I cannot easily recognise the tensioner? Any help greatly appreciated Thanks Mark :wallbash:
  8. M

    Fab Sl600

    Ok, it's not from Ebay, but from Germany's answer to Exchange & Mart, mobile.de...
  9. A

    FAB Indie in muswell Hill

    check out Danny on colney hatch lane by the total petrol station. Tell him the guy with the gold 230 coupe sent you. I promise you'll be happy. I'd marry him if I was not married, if I was female, if ......
  10. pammy

    Another fab plate ....

    ...shown to the best advantage on the right car of course :crazy: here Do you think we should tell him Photoshop works on all cars?
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