1. E

    2012 face lift c63 headlight ballast

    As above looking for the ballast or complete light for the passenger side front if possible cheers:thumb:
  2. merc85

    Face lift conversion 2004 w211

    Well Tuesday was a busy evening, Helped a good friend and forum member do a facelift conversion to his w211 e320 cdi. Here are some pic's After He ordered it off ebay, Complete with fog's and colour coded. It took us 6 1/2hours due to having to transfer and glue the PDC's sensor's in...
  3. st13phil

    Lorries face London ban 'to protect cyclists'

    Latest proposal from Citizen Khan. I'm sorry, but I fail to see why it's lorries that are the problem when lemming-like idiots on pedal cycles insist on putting themselves in a position alongside a truck where they get squashed :dk:
  4. AdeR

    Wanted - W210 (face lift) front passenger side wing

    Looking for a W210 front passenger side wing facelift (without indicator). Mine has taken up religion and become holy!! In a perfect world, colour - desert silver. But anything considered. I'm near Andover, so anything I could cash & collect be great. Thanks.
  5. P

    Face Lift Conversion W207 to C207

    Hi All, I am new to this forum and looking around seems like a nice place. I have an E Class convert and have been thinking of doing a face lift conversion. i have tried to find someone on this forum that has already done it but had no joy. I have found a bumper and a pair of headlights going...
  6. T

    fresh air Cool Face & Warm Feet which cars do it ?

    Driving Home Late from leicester the other night really in need of a coffee but didnt want to stay awake till the early hours I Lamented that in all of my cars bar the 124 i cant have warm air on my feet / lower Body and cool Fresh air on my face A great combination when driving and feeling...
  7. B

    Crack on face of Audio 50 APS

    Hi Soon after I got my car back from a service last year I noticed a tiny crack on the face of my Audio 50 APS on the black perspex thingy that was about 2mm long. Unfortunately, over the last few months the crack has got longer and longer and is now about 2cm long (see pic)...
  8. ash59fifty-uk

    This will put a smile on your face

    Not only for the nostalgia, but look closely ;)
  9. Ultrarep

    Climate control from face lift S211

    Hi all. I am sorry if this has been done befor. But I have anS211 2004 that I love. Is it possiblr to swap out the dials and knobs of the standard climate controls just under the centre vents for the face lift type with the lsc display? If possiblr is this easy? The car does not have 4 zone...
  10. K

    w204 face lift n/s passenger wing mirror glass lost against a tree

    Hi all, I hit a tree earlier today and in doing so my passenger wing mirror broke to pieces. Luckily I managed to put it all back together but the glass of the mirror is smashed. Can anyone please help me find a replacement. Ebay only offers what i have found in the past to be very low...
  11. E

    R170 SLK- does face lift bumper fit pre face lift ?

    I'm having bumper painted and wondering if the facelift bumpers and side skirts are a direct fit. Think they look much better
  12. Swift1092

    Face lift bluetooth sterio w211

    I bet this questions been adked before but how easy would the facelift bluetooth eclass sterio fit in the prefacelift w211 e55? Thanks in advance
  13. DanMorgan

    W124 Face Lift Rear Lights

    Comes as a pair and as a complete unit. Note: In the last photo, there is a small mark £35 Posted
  14. W124ali

    S-Class & SEC 126 flat face alloy wheels and tyres

    eBay item number: 321821850753 Not cheap but they do have near new tyres and the alloys look clean too
  15. grumpyoldgit

    MOT meltdown: Thousands of motorists face being forced off the road.

    Yes, I know it's the Mail, but do take a look if your MOT is due. :fail British motorists face being put off the road after MOT system collapses | Daily Mail Online
  16. M

    w126 flat face alloys wanted

    hi looking for a complete set with bolts and tyres if possible .happy to refurb if tatty but good .I am in Oxfordshire /bucks borders Pm if you can help cheers Mark
  17. B

    C Class W204 bumpers face lift version 2013

    I have a W204 face lift car, which I can't seem to find exterior rear bumper parts for, I wanted to fit the the rear bumper apron trim (2 pieces) and a central rear bumper diffuser, To make my car look more sporty using original parts, I've been told by my local dealer that standard bumper parts...
  18. P

    2008 Front wend conversion to face lift model..

    Hi! First, my names Jon and this is my first post here, so hello everybody! Secondly, forgive me if there is a thread already on this subject, if there is please show me the way and not have a go at me, i did do a search but didn't see anything :fail ---- Okay, so here's the score. Today i...
  19. Marcel-Anthony

    For Sale - CLK 270 CDI Avantgarde, 2004 Face lift Model

    I am selling my CLK 270 CDI Avantgarde. Its the top spec Advantgarde Face lift model with the newer dash. It has done at present 125,000 Miles (this will go up as I do around 200 miles a week). It has been very reliable, it’s a lovely drive. Service history is Mostly from Mercedes Benz...
  20. D

    W210 Facelift Wing Mirrors + Mirror Housing - URGENT

    Mine were stolen earlier this week. Too the whole unit from each side, I'm only left with 2 loose cables/plugs on each side. Thought I'd ask the UK MB community before going on fleabay. I know its a long shot and I'm probably going to have to settle with whatever color I can get and have paint...
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