1. B

    C63s Sedan & Coupe Facelift

    Getting my C63s Coupe on 6th Oct and Just seen the new S63/65 Coupe facelift, Which got me thinking... Does anybody reckon the new C63 Coupe will arrive in March 2018 or will it most likely be September 2018? Also, do we think the C63 range will adopt the Panamericana grille?
  2. KillerHERTZ

    S-Class Coupe/Cab Facelift: Press Release

    S63 AMG
  3. G

    Carbon fibre front lip for facelift w204

    Bought a carbon front lip from rush design uk. They make all there stuff in house so no crap carbon from China. Not much need for me anymore as it's just arrived after 1 month of ordering!!! Now the car is sold. Bought for just under £300. It's brand new so I'm looking to get most of my...
  4. M

    E320 2006 (pre facelift) parking sensors

    My car is fitted with parking sensors, but it doesn't seem to have parktronic as described in the user manual. The manual talks about lights just above the dash and in the roof lining at the rear. My car does not have these. I can't find anything in the manual about any other parking assistance...
  5. M

    E320 2006 (pre facelift) bonnet badge

    I've just purchased a 2006 (pre facelift) E320 Cdi estate. It's my first Merc and I'm loving it so far. However, my wife isn't too keen on the emblem on the front of the bonnet. Is it possible to replace that with the flat badge version? If so, where's the best place to look and are they all of...
  6. Abdul

    Facelift W211 aftermarket grill (big star)

    Hi guys, This came on my car and i've reverted to the stock item. £50 collected from ilford, essex. If you want it posted pm me and i'll get a price! W211 grill by Abdul Chowdhury, on Flickr W211 grill by Abdul Chowdhury, on Flickr As fitted to my car, fitment was very good and all tabs...
  7. mbzclk

    Mercedes C63 AMG W204 - Facelift

    Hi guys, Been a while for me since I sold my CLK, but I've been waiting to find the right C63 before I return to Mercedes - I'm fed up of running a shed... I need to get your thoughts on must haves and so on... Must have for me 2012 Facelift (125 edition) > Pano Roof COMAND with...
  8. J

    Facelift W207 Front Grill

    Not sure if anyone can help with regards to a part number for a facelift front grill for my E class coupe as it seems that the aftermarket crowd haven't caught up to the facelift model yet. Was looking for a black/ dark one instead of the current chrome silver single bar one. Any pointers...
  9. Abdul

    Facelift w211 sport grill (06 onwards)

    Hi guys, Anyone have one spare? My 211 came with an aftermarket grill with the big star in the middle which I'm not a fan of. It needs to be the sport item so black and chrome and close to mint condition. If no luck on here I'll buy from the stealers. Cheers
  10. B

    A45 Facelift Jupiter Red 6000 miles

    Hey guys, Here's my A45 for sale, its an awesome car, amazing performance but unfortunately i've fallen in love with the new C63 Coupe and i've just started the process of buying a new one so the A45 has to go.. Specs are - Facelift - May 2016 6000 miles Full Mercedes History Last...
  11. Greek God

    w211 2005 Pre Facelift

    I have a front grill and two rear light clusters (not LED) off an 05 E270 Elegance plus Audio 20 head unit and speakers if anyone is interested. sited in the NE. Any offers considered!
  12. J

    Upgrading SL500 Facelift stereo

    Hi all - I have a 2008 SL500 Facelift and the stereo is still in 2008 and looking a bit dated / functionality limited. I'd like to upgrade it to a new double DIN unit with bluetooth so I can play music from my iPhone, but retain all the steering wheel functions and dash displays for nav, CD...
  13. C

    Facelift A45 exhaust question

    Had a pre-facelift A45 and retrofitted the AMG exhaust which was 'on all the time', I removed the exhaust prior to sale and replaced it with the original. I now have Facelift A45 which I thought came with performance exhaust as standard?? I've Googled where the switchable control button is...
  14. KillerHERTZ

    Shmee150 - S63 Facelift

    Great video detailing all the options/features: 6sefcRskxN8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6sefcRskxN8
  15. J

    W207 Grill / E class Coupe pre/post facelift

    Hi all, Just a quick question. Whilst sat in traffic last week, I had someone reverse into me in their warrior crew cab- apart from me being on the horn when they reversed they still made contact with the car. (For info, a car going in the opposite direction decided to overtake a parked...
  16. D

    crazy price for w129 500sl pre facelift even for a minter

    1991 Mercedes-Benz 500SL - 21,102 Miles From New - FSH - Exceptional | eBay
  17. C

    W203 facelift sport edition rear bump strip parking sensors

    hi. my 2006 c220 cdi sport edition rear outer right sensor played up, im trying to figure out how to remove the rear bump strip which houses the sensors. it is a one piece bump strip going all the way round the bumper. thanks.
  18. B

    C Coupe/C63 facelift???

    Anybody have a good idea when the facelifted version of the coupe will appear? I have just ordered a C63s Coupe and it's always annoying when Mercedes decides to do an early facelift - particularly when they may change the grill style :wallbash: According to online resources the...
  19. L

    W212 facelift E63 night pack retrofit

    As above really, has anyone retrofitted or wrapped the parts that would be black with the night pack installed as I've found pretty much the perfect car but it doesn't have the night pack. Any help would be great. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. mbsilver

    So excited as I am getting a brand new c class but is it the facelift?

    I wonder if anyone can tell me if the 67 plate will bare any new bits since the66 plate? I.e. Facelift 2017 .? It doesn't matter to be honest as I love the w205 shape. Test drove it and got driven in it and both were pleasantly nice.... not nice but ruddy brilliant! :thumb: My second C...
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