1. Lee C63

    Facelifting the C63.....big thank you to Command Online

    Took a trip down to Guildford to let Commandonline do there magic on my car. What a absolute pleasure to do business with. They had the car for a day and a half to install a new Sam unit along with a lot of coding and new looms to run which now means I have fully functional facelift ILS...
  2. Lee C63

    Project- Facelifting a C63

    Well as most will know I have not been shy for when it comes into jumping in with both feet. A few weeks I bought all the panels required to facelift my "pre facelift" C63 ( cheers Gasman. I made the descion that all parts would be OEM (man maths made sense) Anyway, after sourcing a set of ILS...
  3. J

    facelifting my merc SL

    Anyone know a good garage in Scotland or nearby capable of giving my beloved SL a facelift, she looking a bit tired, after 19 years but as she only has 16,490 miles on her clock I would love to keep her..:-)
  4. T

    Facelifting W211. Advice needed.

    Guys, Sorry if this has been done to death, I did try to search, with no luck!! I would like to facelift my 2003 W211 to the post 2006 model. I want to change bumper, lights, & grill, as all other bits 'look' the same! Is this the case? Are the later headlights/parking sensors...
  5. shorty

    facelifting a 212

    Evening all , Im looking into face-lifting a 212 . I know all panels will bolt on and there will be no problems . My only issue will be the head lights . The face lift cars have the DRL's built into the main cluster .I have checked the plugs on a pre-face-lift and face-lift car with Halogen...
  6. Gucci

    MB - so good at facelifting

    http://www.pistonheads.com/sales/443070.htm I've been watching some of these SLs and noticed this one. They re-invented the model so well considering the age. My ML (w163) is a facelift - wouldn't have bought the previous version though - but the rework did the trick for me.
  7. simonl

    facelifting my SLK - would this look daft?

    Following my little oopsie last weekend, I have been looking into getting facelifted bumpers and side skirts instead of the old ones. The bodyshop said they're happy to do this if I pay the difference above the original parts and the insurance company agree. I got some prices from a very...
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