1. A

    Rear facing seats - Release catch stuck

    Hi I have a 2006 E220 CDI Estate with the rear facing seats in the boot. The release catch for these is not operating and they are stuck in the stowed position. Has anyone any tips for releasing the catch ?? Ta in advance :o
  2. abecketts

    W210 rear facing seat available for £0.00

    Black leather, not supplied with seat belts. Free Collection from SN10 area
  3. J

    Rear facing child seats W211 stuck

    After a fruitless couple of hours searching for a solution, I was wondering if anyone else had encountered this on their rear facing child bench seats in the boot. They're stuck at a 45 degree angle, Duke of York for the non technical types like myself...the added tale of woe is that I think my...
  4. developer

    Rear Facing Speed Cameras in Police Cars?

    Just curious really. On my M40 journey, returning from the Rebellion/SRR dyno day today there was a marked Volvo police car ahead. In view of this, most of us were doing 75mph, as was the police car. The police car then sped up significantly and moved to lane two - lets say he way doing...
  5. B

    w124 Rear Facing Seats

    Probably a really stupid question, but when I use the rear facing seats on a w124 estate do I need to remove the luggage cover/net to use the seats? (I promise I will buy a manual)
  6. S

    W210 rear facing 6/7 seat kit

    For sale from the car 320 cdi im currently breaking the rear facing 6/7 seat kit in grey cloth all belts and trims etc included £200 incl delivery
  7. M

    Rear Facing Seats (in an Eclass )

    MB state that these seats have a suitable capacity for children up to 50kg Im therefore assuming that would be two children up to 50kg each So what do the panel think about putting say one slim but tall female in these seats from time to time? short journeys only , weight approx 56-60kg max...
  8. B

    S212 rear facing 3rd row seats

    Hi Sure I am not the first to ask this but does anyone have any idea on where the rear facing 3rd row seats stand in comparison to the official child seat categories. My impression is that a child using a 'Group 1' seat would be too small to use them, but for group 2 and up they would be ok...
  9. proser

    iPod Touch with front facing camera

    Not bothered about the memory size, but needs to be in very good condition WHY Mark
  10. login_user

    car won't start when facing up a hill

    Gent's, if i park my car facing up a hill overnight it takes forever to start and strangely my command reverts to German. if i park facing down hill or flat all is well. the car is a CLK270 CDI 03reg
  11. W

    Rear facing seats for A w210

    Does anybody happen to know if the rear facing seats in the boot of a W124 estate would be the same as those for A W210? Or, could somebody remind me of the address for the russian parts catalogue site, so I could try to check myself?
  12. N

    W210 rear facing 7 seat conversion qustion.

    I've looked on here & the internet & am surprised I can't find any info or a blow by blow account of how to retro-fit these seats. I specifically want to know if the side panels can be cut & the plastic guides for the seat belts inserted (as you can do with a W124) & whether the panel the...
  13. K

    w124 rear facing boot seats

    right ok did a search on this just can find info including phoning the council and the police cant seem to give me an awnser right what is the law regarding these additional seats do they need to be fitted with car seats/booster seats i have found that my car seat will not fit properly to...
  14. st13phil

    German Auto Industry Facing the Abyss

    A sobering article on Spiegel Online in which Dieter Zetsche, the CEO of Daimler, notes that: The second page contains some interesting analysis of how the short-termism of the financial markets leave Daimler very vulnerable.
  15. ShinyF1

    2000 W210 Estate rear facing seats

    Does anyone know if it is possible to but a purpose made mat for the 'footwell' created when using the two rear facing seats. Lately the rubbish original carpet has been getting a battering with kids/dirty boots etc, and wondered if anyone knew of a company that made mats for the back 'well'...
  16. O

    Wanted: 210 Estate 1997 Rear facing seats

    :bannana: I would like to have rear facing seats fitted to my 210 Estate. I would need the whole kit including seat belts. How much should I expect to pay including fitting or without. The boot has a grey trim, but the main seats are upholstered in black cloth. I would be grateful for any...
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