1. KillerHERTZ

    Post a single Car based pub fact

    As per title, post a random, 1 line car fact (for use in the pub) I'll start: 1) Racecar backwards is racecar
  2. RyanTheSeaOtter

    My wife and her SLK230 Electric Roof issues...or not in actual fact

    Just wanted to share the phone call I just had with the wife to the world... She collected her SLK yesterday (I sold it to her) from my garage and on leaving me it had absolutely no issues whatsoever... ...so Katherine just calls me in a stress moaning that the electric roof wouldn't go...
  3. balge

    an awkward fact or two

    knighterrant after sleeping for forty years, came up with this... "The words 'cap' and 'fit' come to mind. FYI, immigrants are all firstly foreigners who come to the UK usually with the intention of setting up permanent residence. They don't necessarily become British Citizens. Until that...
  4. N

    Fun fact about the OM642 engine!

    It currently holds the world endurance record. Im pretty sure my CLS has this engine I can rest easy tonight bar the worry of the recent car jackings :bannana: World record for Mercedes-Benz new V6 turbodiesel OM642 (in E320 CDI) - 100,000 miles at an average speed of 224.823 km/h / 139.696...
  5. LTD

    I know for a fact there are a few AV enthusiasts here ...

    I've recently bought a nice LG 3D TV. I now want to connect it to my existing hifi to give me the soundtrack from my DVD / Bluray in a 2.0 format via my preamp. There is only an optical digital out on the TV (no line audio phonos) and my preamp does not have an onboard DAC to accept an...
  6. developer

    Back again (again, and , in fact, again)

    Hello guys/gals, For reasons I can't explain (other than I live in Birmingham) I'm happy to be back on the forum again after an unexpected "broken link" absence of another three weeks. Thanks to those who assisted in my return. Politics and conspiracy theories - pah! - let's talk cars...
  7. crockers

    Britain Has the most dangerous drivers in Europe ...FACT..

    Has to be a fact or why else does Britain have more speed / safety cameras than any other country in Europe ...........or in fact more than the whole of europe put together...:mad: For anyone who has driven in other parts of EU...............lets get real now..:devil:
  8. st13phil

    Useless Fact of the Day...

    ...perhaps. As my W204 is just on six months old I decided to swap over the keys this morning and start using what was the "spare" one. Dunno what the limit of the rolling codes is, but I don't fancy having to get a key I haven't ever used re-coded when at some time in the future I need to...
  9. O

    An interesting oil fact #3

    SYNTHETIC? What is it and what does it really mean? The Oxford Dictionary says: “made by synthesis; manufactured as opposed to produced naturally” When it comes to oil we think of synthetics as the best that we can buy and that all synthetics are the same but, it’s not so simple...
  10. glojo

    Global Warming is Fact

    I have listened to the arguements and now I have seen the proof, a picture will always paint a thousand words. A coloured picture even more so ............................................. ...
  11. jpskiller

    Interesting fact! if u doont know

    I was checking out prices for tyres and thought id try National tyres - http://www.national.co.uk/ as an example found STAR MILLENNIUM 91v 205/55/16v price 76.50 fitted, so rang them up spoke to brance manager and he quoted same price as web, they did say they did price match, so i went...
  12. imadoofus

    Here's an interesting fact:

    In 1982; 25 years ago, the GLC (under Ken Livingstone) proposed a £2 per day charge for motorists to enter central London. Whatever happened to that idea? PJ
  13. A

    sometimes fact is so much funnier than fiction

    The Whitehouse has announced it is employing a new pastry chef I'm sure there was a lot of competition for such a high ranking position perhaps it was Bill's literary prowess that got him his new job Andy
  14. L

    A Pleasant Surprise, in fact, 2 surprises!

    Recently on checking the brake pads on the ML at 27000 miles, I was very pleasantly surprised to find that the pads were less than 50% worn. I am told that 27000+ miles on original pads in a ML is probably some sort of record. Also on checking oil level, no topping up was necessary. I actually...
  15. P

    Late 90's reliability - fact or fiction?

    I'm still reviewing which merc to buy and although i'm being tempted by so many late 90's early 2000's cars such as C2X0 and CLK3X0, i've been put off by what i've read by some on here about reliability and rust in this period of car and hence thinking i should stick with an early 90's car with...
  16. M

    A very uninteresting W124 fact.

    As you may know, the W124 (well, mine at least) has a small, carpeted piece on the centre console under the fold-down armrest. This of course tends to get filthy, with everything from coke (the drink, not the powder......) to monkey-spunk being spilt on it over the years. The amazing fact is...
  17. G

    W123 Estate: Not so good - in fact very bad

    Ok, I'm going to confess. I went to look at a W123 230 TE yesterday. It was in a bit of a mess and I walked away from it, the main problem being corrosion, specifically to the front bulkhead where the pre-tensioner springs fix to hold the garage door (I mean bonnet....) open. These mounts...
  18. weebobster

    Fact or Fiction ??

    A "mate" at work has told me that an article in one of the UK motoring magazines has just done a group test where the new C220CDi got slated and came last!! Please please tell me it aint true!!! I love my C220CDi regardless:rock: Anyone came across this review yet?
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