1. J

    Front parking sensors faded

    Hi all. Just wondering if anyone else has noticed but the front parking sensors on my 2009 e350 coupe w207 are a slightly different colour to the car. My car is a dark grey in colour but the sensors look more black than anything. The rear ones looks fine it's just on the front ones. I'll...
  2. E

    W212 interior ashtray cover faded any solutions or spares?

    Hi does anyone know how to repair the faded wood on a w212 e350 estate 3.0v6 2010 year one section on the ashtray cover is faded and needs to be changed. Any suggestions on a new part or some place to send the part for repair would be greatly appreciated
  3. ChrisEdu

    Faded rear shelf

    What's the best way to put colour back into a faded rear shelf in a 06 E-Class saloon?
  4. N

    Dull / faded door handles on W126

    I'm finding the door handles on my W126 are getting quite faded. I have tried various products but none of them seem to last very long. Can anyone recommend a way to restore them a bit?
  5. Gaz74

    Replacing faded parcel shelf?

    As per the title, the rear shelf in my C32 has got that mauve tinge to it from sunlight exposure. Is it something that can be replaced and made to look nice again or do I just live with it?
  6. RaceDiagnostics

    R107 faded center console

    Just picked up a 1979 450SL with red interior, most of the interior is in good condition except for the centre console and handbrake cover, both have faded badly. Does anyone know how these two items can be brought back to their original colour or where replacements can be obtained from? Thanks
  7. Spinal

    Faded Paint: Wax or Repaint?

    As many know I bought a Shogun for a quite stroll across the desert... The (gloss black) paintwork is quite faded in areas, making it look matt... I'm quite "obsessive" when it comes to cars, but I do realise that this one's a bit different... I do need to repaint the area around the lock and...
  8. B

    Faded New Paint

    Fading Paint... Recently had a little bump explained here: http://www.mbclub.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=33134&page=3 But having driven the car for a month i've started to notice that the newly painted side has ever so slightly started to fade, at first i thought maybe its the way the...
  9. design guru

    Faded Screen

    The on board computer screen in my dash has faded on the left side compared to the right half, it is still visable but annoying. Is there a bulb you can change or do I need a new Part? 2001 CLK230K
  10. R

    Clocks faded?

    This morning when I turned on the ignition I realised my clock had faded to a fraction of its normal brightness but the other displays were fine. Any clues anyone???
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