1. T

    W211 Headlights fading, or is it my eyes??

    Hi All, Have a 2003 W211, with xenons. Lately I have had the strangest feeling!!!! that my headlight are not as bright as they used to be, & I rely more on the main beam these days - screw the guys coming the other way - is what my dad always used to say :rock: I always clean them, &...
  2. jeremy156

    W221 S-class COMAND not fading music when making navigation announcements

    My old W211 E-class COMAND gave me the choice as to how much the music should be faded (or muted) while the navigation instructions are being spoken. On my W221 S-class, I can't find any such function. The navigation volume and music volumes appear to be completely independent of each other...
  3. P

    W215 HIDs are fading

    I have a 2001 (51) CL W215 but the HID dipped lights are really fading and now not very bright and getting dangerous to drive in the dark. Can anyone help me with the correct replacement. Ithink it is the DS2 35w 6000k but not sure. Any help would be grately appreciated. Phil
  4. ladd220

    w124 220 coupe fading whistle sound

    Hi folks, I'm new to this forum and was hoping someone could help and perhaps also benefit from my query. I bought a 1996 w124 coupe e220 a year ago. 85000 miles. Great car. However, over the last 2 months, it has developed a whistling sound. At first I thought this was coming from the...
  5. A

    Colour fading - prevention?

    I know its not an MB (it wouldn't be, because generally MB paints don't fade), but my mum's honda is shiny red all round except the roof. Its beginning to fade and its quite obvious. Is there any known methods/products out there to prevent this?
  6. proser

    Fading Cluster

    Just noticed that the central display within the cluster is faded on the left side. Could this be a bulb gone ? would save me pulling it out for no reason if it's not.
  7. hercules

    Audio not fading on comand ntg2.5

    I just finished to swap my NTG2 to NTG2.5 on my w203 has been properly coded and had the latest software installed. But I noticed that the audio is not fading when the navigation is active. Is this a bug ?
  8. R

    Multifunction display fading

    Yesterday, I noticed that patches of the multifunction dashboard display were fading after the car was standing in the sun yesterday. Has anyone got any ideas what kind of cost I am looking at for a replacement display? how many hours would the stealer need to do this? Cheers
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