1. Adeinfrance

    W124 fag lighter

    As above needed in good working order. Only need the bit you pull out, not the whole bit in the ashtray. Cheers Ade
  2. grober

    Icelander lights giant fag

    Lars Grímsvötn has lit another giant fag again! Michael O'Weary complained to the world assembled media today. This may damage the future health of my company and I can't even surcharge him for it the fiesty billionaire leprechaun is quoted as saying. Volcanic ash cloud from Iceland likely...
  3. F

    Low profile fag lighter plug?

    Hi all, I'm looking for a low profile fag lighter plug, so that I can plug it in and close the ashtray thing over. Doesn't have to be fused, but even the unfused ones are too big. Does such a thing exist, or do I have to butcher one...? I know im too lazy to hard wire things in etc...
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