1. B

    ml270 failed emissions test

    Hi had my ml in for test and it failed emissions test, too smokey, 3.35 when limit is 3. Is there anything that can be checked on star to see whats causing this?
  2. Gav78

    2007 CLS63 Torque Converter Failed!!!

    Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you're having a good one. Mine has been...interesting! 12 days after purchasing my CLS63, I was driving when, less than a mile from home, my car suddenly and completely shut down at around 40mph, it was a bit of a shock as you can imagine as the power steering...
  3. AMGeed

    Failed alarm battery causing main battery drain?

    The car was reluctant to open this morning using the remote on the chrome keyless go key. Started the car on the gearshift button and got a red message on the dash with something like "key not recognised". Waved the key by the EIS and the message disappeared. I drove a couple of miles and...
  4. Taipan

    2005 CLK200k A209 Failed wash wipe?

    Hi All, Over the last few months i've noticed that the wash wipe function on my car has been playing up and working intermittently and has now pretty much stopped working altogether. The twist part works fine for the wipers and the indicators and headlamp flash are also all fine. Its just...
  5. L

    ECU and Oxygen sensors failed at same time?

    Hi All Hoping someone can help with advice on a problem I have with my C230 Automatic 2008 W204. I am based in Singapore but from UK with a UK Spec car. As with everything here car costs are horrendous along with repair and even from the main dealer you can't get honest advice. So my car...
  6. vibesg

    2011 E350 CDI Failed Engine Management Module

    I have a 2011 E350 Cdi Coupe with FMBSH and 66K miles. It lost power approaching traffic lights and wouldn't start but all lights show when you start. There was no warning before this. I called Mobilo and the MB technician this morning diagnosed 9 current failed components which he said was...
  7. S

    2 Failed ABS Sensors.

    Hi Everyone, First post! I have an X164, and my wife a W164 - similar age. Both cars, independently have had a failed ABS sensor in the last week. Both recovered by Mercedes to different dealerships, and I had to pay for the sensor on the X164, but Mercedes paid for the sensor on the...
  8. MOR8A

    Anyone dealt with failed tail light LED's?

    Just wondering if anyone has found a way to deal with these rather than buying an entire unit? I have a man who can do this type of electronic repair but it sounds like it could be expensive, thoughts or suggestions welcome. Thanks.
  9. G

    Failed injector???

    Hi, I started my car today and was greeted with a nasty clatter. I had a look under the bonnet and saw what looked like smoke coming from the front right injector along with a loud ticking/chatter. Also the injector is caked in what looks like a dry black tar. Is this a big job to get...
  10. 190

    Brakes failed

    Maybe they failed or maybe I've just discovered another daft design feature about modern cars. Parked the car in the garage after doing the weekly shop and 20mins later decided I would give it a wash. The garage floor slopes gently towards the door and my driveway slopes gently out to the road...
  11. A

    Failed MOT Emissions

    Hi, My W124 1994 just failed it's MOT on Emissions Fast idle CO 0.99 fail HC 43 pass ^ 0.98 pass Second fast idle CO 1.10 fail HC 45 Pass ^ 0.980 Pass Natural idle CO 1.15 fail Can anyone tell me what needs to be done or what I can do to pass the retest? The garage...
  12. bh13coupe

    OM642 Turbo Actuator failed w251

    Hi Guys I have a stuttering OM642 under load, fault code (P2510-001, Y77/1 turbo actuator positioner signal fault) is pointing to the actuator failing on the turbo. My question is, can you purchase/replace the actuators or are we looking at a new turbo? If anyone has been down this route...
  13. P

    CLK soft top failed ?

    Hi my CLK soft top has failed, has anyone have any idea how to get my hood up please. ?
  14. Venomous

    Failed Front Passenger Seat

    So taking my Son to the Dr's today, and all of a sudden he has flopped backwards. Get him out and the seat back won't lock into place, unless it is laid fully back. Rock it forward and it just zooms back and forth on it's runners. Booked into MB Derby next Friday, but any ideas in the...
  15. isohail72

    Brakesyres and they did a digan Failed

    Hi Guys, Today i was going to work and after driving the car for 10 mins, speed was 30 miles, brakes not working in RED DISPLAYED and ESP visit workshop. I try to apply brakes but they were not working, then i switched the engine off for 5 minutes and start the car again, everything was fine...
  16. MB-BTurbo

    Squeaking, now failed. Where is the fan motor on a B class W245?

    I have been researching for the last couple of hours as to what could have caused squeaking from my HVAC (which has now failed completely). The car is a 2006 B200 Turbo and believe it may be the fan motor. What I cant find is its location. Is anyone able to point it out please? :confused: Thanks
  17. prprandall51

    auto sensing wipers failed - need help please

    Hello people, my battery on my E-Class (2005) went flat (I recharged it successfully) and this seems to have taken my automatic wipers out - they still work but only intermittently, if you see what I mean. There is nothing wrong with the electronics, I think (sensors, relays and switches...
  18. B

    Part of LED Brake cluster failed

    Guys 3 LED's on my drivers side brake light have failed (2008 CLS 320)...does anybody know if it's an easy repair or is it a nightmare ? The majority of the light still work so it's not as if the entire light is out, it just makes the car look a bit 'tired' :mad: Thanks
  19. mersum1es

    MB thermostat failed again?

    Espensive Thermostat changed, no avail? Newish thermostat and temperature again 60 deg? Here are pictures from Finnish forum (thanks Sergey!) where they put thermostat of the some Escort LX/Renault R8/R10? inside the upper water hose (location of stat showed, use some soap to install stat...
  20. S

    Have you failed MOT due to secondary cat delete?

    After reading loads of threads on the subject it seems clear that a secondary cat delete should mean a fail, but is that the experience of those who have had it done?
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