1. B

    Sunroof curtain fails on W207.

    Hi, I own a Mercedes E350 cdi coupe, 2010 model. The car has a panorama sun roof. When I opened the sunroof yesterday and afterwards closed it, the Curtain was not rolled on to the holder as it should. The result is that the curtain no longer will come out when clicking the sunroof button...
  2. J

    BHS heading for administration as rescue deal fails
  3. N

    C220 W204 fails to crank over.

    I've done quite a bit of googling on this. 2009 C220,insert key,steering lock releases and steering wheel is free to move,ignition lights come on,but next key turn nothing happens?Tried both cars also,no difference. From what I've read it could starter motor,battery,esl,eis,fuse....the...
  4. Reggie-rock

    Sat Nav fails too work

    I have just purchased a 2006 CLK 350 convertible W209 but cant get the sat nav to work. I enter the disc in the slot above the screen after the display displaying enter DVD but just comes up with error. I have cleaned the disc and read the handbook but cant get it too work. Any ideas?
  5. ringway

    Top 10 BMW Fails.

    [YOUTUBE HD]I56rtUzZSj4#t=29[/YOUTUBE HD]
  6. nick mercedes

    donny fails to make the grade

    The 8 worst UK cities and towns to live in |
  7. Godot

    Best Fails of 2012 || TNL

  8. C

    ML270 fails to start ad-hoc?!

    Hi all! Any help would be much appreciated here to try and work out why my '55 diesel ML270 with 97k miles decides not to start at intermittent times. I've replaced the crankshaft sensor but still the same issue. On varying occasions, the engine starts but doesnt fire up and then I leave it...
  9. Satch

    G4S and Olympic fails

    For this alone the CEO should be boiled in oil: "You love your job and the people too Making a difference is what you do But consider all you have at stake The time is now don't make a mistake Because the enemy prowls, wanting to attack But we're on the wall, we've got your back...
  10. W

    Autocar journalist fails to achieve claimed mpg figures - shocker

    The 88mpg Kia fails to do 88mpg shocker! - Green cars How many times do we hear people saying their car doesn't match the claimed fuel economy figures? Groan...... 1 - you never will if you drive at 80mph 2 - the government test is for comparison purposes only If there is a genuine...
  11. grober

    Phobos-Grunt fails to grunt.

    The jinx that has plagued Russia's Missions to Mars seems to have struck again with the failure of the cruise stage rocket motor of rather quaintly named Phobos-Grunt to fire. It is also carrying the Chinese satellite the ying tong yiddle I po [ Sorry- Yinghuo-1] you couldn't make it up could...
  12. pugilist

    2002 220 cdi fails to start

    Hi all, I have had a leak from the diesel fuel pump and have spent all weekend trying to cure it with a seal kit etc. I finally gave up and purchased a new diesel pump today. I have fitted it this evening and now she won't start up. The car started all weekend but won't start this evening after...
  13. The Boss

    THIS IS RIDICULOUS.. (Burglar attacker's appeal fails )

    Fair enough, they went abit OTT, but had they not done so, then the intruders could have returned and inflicted more damage or injury at a subsequent break in, plus the Burglar had no control or restraint in their actions, and thus the overly hard response was somewhat justified me feels...
  14. lynall

    Mot fails 2007 uk wide

    Here BBC News - Ford leads in MOT failures as figures are revealed scroll down first few paragraphs highlighted section excel spreadsheet. Suprising how few of each model are left, i noticed e430 obviously and c43. Lynall
  15. grober

    Man accused of Genocide fails to turn up for Trial!

    I am I the only person totally baffled by this state of affairs? Radovan Karadzic failed to turn up for his trial today. Like he should have any choice in the matter? :doh: Radovan Karadzic snubs Hague court - Europe, World - The Independent
  16. ringway

    A Few Fails.

    A few fails.
  17. Gucci

    Broken spring fails my MOT

    :( Everything else was spotless and without fault on my 04 ML350. But on the rear offside I have a broken spring. The testing station said an ML came in yesterday with a similar fault. He thought a Mercedes recall may have been called on this and said it was worth looking in to. Back in 10...
  18. Satch

    Drivers in worse jam as traffic plan fails

    What a surprise. "Motorists are wasting more time sitting in queues on motorways and A-roads because the Government has failed to meet its key target for reducing congestion. Delays have increased on the 100...
  19. grober

    Nick Heidfeld fails taxi driver test.

    Nick Heidfeld shows workers at the BMW factory the lack of steering lock on BMW's.
  20. M

    XP Standby Fails

    If I put my XP Home PC into standby, if I don't "reactivate" after 5/10 mins it's doesn't come back at all.....I have to turn off the PC and start again. Any suggestions? Thanks........ :)
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