1. brucemillar

    Key Fob Failures

    I have owned three P38 Range Rovers all of which were very susceptible to alarm failure if parked anywhere near radio masts or the like. Car keys stop working on Quarry Wood Industrial Estate, Aylesford
  2. Lee C63

    M156 Fuel Injector failures

    Just thought I would throw this one out there and see if anyone else has had any Injector issues. Basically over the last few months I have had 2 x fuel injectors fail on my C63 (5 year old with 29K on the clock running a Stage 2 Weistec Supercharger for the last 11K miles) The first failure...
  3. H

    Rodent-based failures

    Hi all-- I'm new here, and while not a regular DIYer, I'm not afraid to tackle a job if have the tools, time, and I can acquire the knowledge. So forgive me if this should have gone into another forum; if it should have, I'd be grateful to get pointed in the right direction. Hopefully it'll...
  4. R

    central locking key failures

    Car--C220cdi 2001--mileage-70k.Both keys have an intermittant failure in that occasionally they do not open the c/l. My local MB "specialist" having done a diagnositic check via his Star system has replaced the ignition switch plus both rear and front Sam units.The cost is now £600+ with no sign...
  5. M

    Multiple Electrical Failures

    Hi, First time posting so bear with me if I ramble a bit. We have 2 C250 Turbodiesels, a 1998 Estate and a 1997 Saloon. Both have multiple electrical failures that I can't fathom, not helped by the poor wiring diagrams in the Haynes Manual. On the saloon I have - No central locking or blipper...
  6. T

    111955 engine series. Help me help you. Engine inlet tract component failures

    All, I am a new member to the site. I am early retired, own a C200K purchased new in 2001 and I like to keep my wheels for a long time. The car is maintained re specific problems (albeit reluctantly) by an MB (workshop facility only) main agent. I have an engineering background, and after...
  7. T

    Display segment failures on Clock & Temp Display

    Has anyone had segment failures on the numerals for either the temperature display or the clock display. MB dealership solution is to replace whole instrument head at about £350 + VAT + Labour. Is it possible to get just the LED display panels from somewhere ?
  8. J

    CDi Turbo failures?

    Hi all, Is anyone seeing more and more turbo failures on 270 and 320CDis? We are replacing quite a few in our workshop now. The reason for posting is that I can't see a real pattern to come to a conclusion why the turbos are failing. Oil quality and mileage do not seem to make any odds...
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