1. J

    Replacing a Jeep, is an ML a fair choice?

    I've run a few Jeep Grand Cherokee V8s over the past 15 years or so and they have been a really good fit for my needs. First, it needs to be able to tow a car trailer with rally car on it. A high towing capacity is therefore a requirement. Also a right bugger that the C63 isn't type approved...
  2. N

    BARGAIN - BE QUICK. Great Dorset Steam Fair

    This is an ABSOLUTELY HUGE steam rally held from August 25-29th. Adult tickets for this are normally £16.50 in advance, £20 on the gate. Groupon https://www.groupon.co.uk/deals/gl-great-dorset-steam-fair-earlybird-ticket-2016 have them at £10.95 per with a special discount of £10 using the...
  3. poormansporsche

    Fair play to the Police today ....

    As some of you may recall ive bashed the Police on a couple of threads due to one reason or the other. But today the first time in my life I had reason to call them. 3 Cars and a F.L.O where there within 5 minutes of my call. It was obviously a priority for them (A lost toddler walked into my...
  4. D

    nice w124 300ce-24 looks a good deal with history and fair price

    in fact positive rare bargain even with cloth interior 1992 Mercedes Benz 230 CE (c124 series ) | eBay
  5. P

    Is insurance quote fair or can I do better?

    Moneysupermarket quoted £860 fully comp on 1999 AMG E55 for me, (51), with my son, (30) as a named driver. Can't use my no claims as already use it on my taxi. My son has zero no claims and has a DR10 on his licence, with works van. Will only do about 2-3000 miles a year between us. Does...
  6. A

    Price fair for service?

    My car is due it's next service in a few weeks. Car: 2007 E63 AMG Service due -A service Additional work -Brake fluid change -Gearbox service -Air filter & combination -Belt check Price £750 Would you say this is about right?

    Fair deal(er).

    I mentioned earlier about the dealer fixing the things I asked him to do. Two items were not fixed because he didn't have the parts; the windscreen washer bottle and the window switch console had problems. He called me today to tell me he has the parts and because his workshop is full to...
  8. Mobb

    Does this seem fair?

    2 X 235/35-19 91Y Continental SP3's 2 X 265/30-19 ZR XL Continental SP3's Valves, wheel balance and old tyre disposal. Total - £950.00 Does that seem like a fair price? (Direct from STS)
  9. A

    Determining a fair price for a NOS W112 hight control valve

    All, I have a NOS W112 height control valve that i'd like to sell and have been approached by a few people on the MB forums (not this one). As i'm not familiar with the W112, i'd like to get an idea of what would be a fair price for one of these valves. Can anyone help here?
  10. tpwuk

    17" AMG's - fair price

    mercedes AMG alloys | eBay UK
  11. tpwuk

    17" AMG's - fair price

    mercedes AMG alloys | eBay UK
  12. Movi-Star

    What is a fair price for a belt pulley on a W202 C220CDi ?

    Just had belt and tensioner pulley replaced by an Indie on my w202 c220cdi as it was flapping, and was shocked at the price of the pulley. The pulley replaced was the one in the far left corner, looks like its made from metal and quite small. What is a fair price for this part...
  13. Bobby Dazzler

    Parking - fair cop or travesty of justice

    Mrs D was out and about early this morning. The car park she needed to use has fairly cosy spaces - and none are child friendly - so she deliberately chose an end space with a void beside it so she could straddle the line slightly, and make sure she could get Baby D loaded back in the car upon...
  14. L

    What is a fair price?

    A local garage (not MB) has a Nov 09 E Class coupe 350 CDI in white, 6K miles, AMG wheels, Comand etc. The asking price is £35995. I went along with a 03 SL350, 52K miles, pano roof, 18" wheels (cost £1.5k extra), full MBSH, in absolute mint condition. The garage agreed it was mint.Anyone guess...
  15. crockers

    Is this a garage fault - or fair wear and tear ?

    Hi I was wondering if the technical experts could answer a question for me before I approach the fitter on Monday. I appreciate it is not a Mercedes related problem - but I think more a "generic" one. My wife's Honda CR-V in February had a grinding noise from the rear so I took it in to the...
  16. O

    Price for AMG 18's?

    I have been offered a set of 18'' genuine AMG wheels. They are staggered 8 x 18 and 9 x 18. This is the style, but not the actual wheels. My question, is £325.00 a good price? bearing in mind they need refurbishing and new tyres. Opinions?
  17. altreed

    Looks like fair value...

    S500 - nice spec, no mention of bodywork condition though.... link
  18. Carrotchomper

    Fair enough, they are upfront with the figures...

    Here. But over 400% APR? I would hate to be in a position where this was the best option. Tempted to say "Barstewards" but it is, after all, business. :mad:
  19. jwarren

    Is this a fair price?

    Hi, I am selling my W0203 C200K (03) plate and am asking £7,250. I have searched ebay, dealers, private etc etc and the range of prices are astounding. I am not being greedy and the car is pristine, would be grateful for your comments on true value, not book as part x, but as a private sale. I...
  20. smillion

    A fair fine for drink driving?

    A very old friend of mine was foolish to drink and drive. He was supposed to be staying with a mate but at 4 o'clcock in the morning he couldn't get into the flat and so drove home. Double the legal limit. No excuses. He's 45 year old professional - just recently "retired" as he's...
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