1. R

    Faith in human nature.

    This girl, Cara, is my daughter's friend: Irish girl whose mum is battling cancer NEVER expected this very special surprise from kind stranger - Irish Mirror Online
  2. Markjames

    Faith restored in mercedes service

    Had b service at mercedes ashford today and was impressed with level of service I received. When booking I had requested a courtesy car and was told all that was left was a manual b class, wasn't overly struck on the choice but when I arrived this morning I was given a gla from the sales fleet...
  3. Gollom

    Faith in human nature maintained.....

    Went into Preston today and managed to lose my wallet. About £60 plus usual assortment of card and driving licence etc. Cancelled the cards then 30 mins later got a call from bank had called to say that Fishergate Shopping Centre had my wallet!!! Appears I dropped it paying at the car park...
  4. A150

    A leap of Faith.

    Here's a clever advert strategically placed for the Brabus Smart Car. Maybe they could add one on to Tower bridge in London?. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did the first time I saw it?.
  5. B

    Faith Restored

    Yesterday morning when I came out of a customers office, in the pouring rain, I found that I had a note on my windscreen. It was a name and telephone number. My car was parked in a on-street pay-and-display parking box parallel to the pavement. I prefer these as there is less chance of...
  6. Satch

    Eddie Kidd's biggest leap of faith

    Having a bad day at work? I was, feeling quite sorry for myself until I saw this. Puts it all in perspective. Eddie Kidd's biggest leap of faith - Telegraph
  7. S


    YouTube - Thousand-Hand Guan Yin I wish my Merc worked as well!!!! :rock:
  8. 3 phase

    Blind faith

    Just picked up a friend of a friend from A & E in Marbella. He has always rated BMWs but not MBs. He didn't know that I was picking him up neither did he know I had a W124 not having seen me for some time. He had just had an accident and both eyes are covered with bandages for a few days so...
  9. R

    Oh ye of little faith!

    Scroll down through the description of this W124 TE: That must be quite a remarkable exhaust ;)
  10. Alfie

    My faith in society is coming back a little.... At last some ray of hope that the population have had enough of this PC rubbish.... How refreshing to see so many people vote to keep christmas as 'Happy christmas'. I despair when I am told that we cannot say...
  11. Satch

    Germany's taxi drivers lose faith in Mercedes

    Article in Financial Times today must make depressing reading for Jurgen Schrempp. German Taxi & Hire Car Association says that since 2000 MB share of new Taxi sales has fallen from 70% to 50% at the same time as VW & Opel have risen. Problem: reduced reliability, especially with the hasty...
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