1. S

    Robert Falcon Scott

    Terra Nova Expedition. Died aged 43. 100 years ago today.
  2. chilsta

    Black Falcon SLS AMG GT3 at the 24 hours of Spa

    AMG Honours the Race Car That Made Its Rep Good article & photos on Wired.com
  3. fatdazza

    Falcon ZE912 or Michelin?

    Hi, I have a W203 C180k Avantgarde with 17" alloys, 245s on the back and 225s on the front. Currently wearing Michelin Pilot Sports. Have had no complaints about them. Fronts are getting thin and I need to think about replacing them. Rears still have 5mm tread so will be a few thousand...
  4. glojo

    Peregrine falcon

    I don't know if anyone is interested in birds of prey. If you are this is a link to a web cam set-up to look at a Peregrine Falcon nest located on a church steeple at Exeter. http://www.bbc.co.uk/devon/webcams/peregrine_ecowatch_webcam.shtml If you magnify this picture you will see 'mum'...
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