1. Londonscottish

    Has anyone tried Falken 914's?

    I've just bought some 18's for my E from Woodythewise (thanks Woody!) and called the local tyre place for come quotes. The owner asked me what I wanted and I said I didn't know. I've been getting tyres for all my Mercs from there for years and have had Goodyear, F1's, Dunlops, Conti Sport...
  2. AMGeed

    Falken ZE914

    Just ordered a pair of 245x40x18 Falken ZE914 tyres for the front axle on the E55. I just checked , as I tend to weekly, on the tread depth and was concerned to see the inner tread on the o/s tyre down to the canvas!:o I drove to London Heathrow recently and I really hope I had some tread...
  3. L

    BBS LM Replica 19x8.5/9.5 Falken FK453 Tyres

    Immaculate condition BBS LM reps. Purchased from BMAutosport in Oct 13. High Quality replicas, genuine versions will cost £4,000 so these are the next best thing. NEW 19" LM CROSS SPOKE SPLIT RIM STYLE ALLOYS IN SILVER, DEEPER 9.5" REARS. et45 FRONT et45 REAR, BM Autosport Ltd Fronts-...
  4. G

    E240 Falken ZE914 Tyres

    I need a new set of tyres. The original P6000's fitted to my 2001 E240 are a bit flakey! I don't drive fast, but I do a fair mileage on motorways. I use the Tyre Reviews site and they really seem to rate the Falkens; Falken ZE914 | the Falken ZE914 reviewed and rated | the online tyre guide...
  5. Omar1799

    Falken Tyres

    Hey guys, Been using this forum for quite a bit but just recently joined and this is my first thread :rock: Im needing to change all 4 tyres on my e320 sport. Been having a look and the Falkens ZE-914 seem very appealing to me. Has anyone tried these? Whats the big differences ppl have...
  6. billywhiz

    Quick sale - Falken FK453 brand new 265/275 35 18

    x2 265/35/18 brand new £200 inc delivery uk x2 275/35/18 brand new £200 inc delivery uk call Jay 07947 118 996
  7. J

    Falken ZE912 or FK452? 265/35ZR18 on S210 E320?

    Quick question regarding the relative merits of Falken tyres? Which Falken, the ZE912 asymmetric or the FK452 directional? My Michelin PS have (a) punctured (b) worn out and I need a pair of affordable rears. Staggered AMG 9J 265/35ZR18 So I hear the FK452 are a bit noisy, but the ZE912...
  8. A

    Fallen 452's or 912's

    Hello as above what do people who already use these think? Just about to change mine and decided on 452's then notice 912's slightly cheaper also. Thanks
  9. L

    Kumho or Falken?

    Hi all, would like to hear your views on Kumhos & Falken on a CLK w208 Cab. Need to replace fronts soon and am after a tyre thats not prone to tramlining. Ones I have on at the moment which are some old budget tyres that were on when we got the car are really bad for wondering on uneven...
  10. T

    Falken FK452s or Pirelli P7s

    Hello all, I've decided I've had enough of my Pirelli P6000s making my heart stop every few weeks, as they have understeered towards pavements, walls and people. They are truly awful in the wet - a menace. I had originally wanted Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetrics, Michelin PilotSport 2s or...
  11. LTD

    Falken 452s - how good are they ?

    Given that the weather is now improving :D I am now looking at my Spring project of having my wheels refurbished as they were needing it done when I bought the car last summer but wanted to see them through the winter first as they were fitted with new tyres when I collected the car. Current...
  12. X

    Falken or Kumho winter tyres

    Has anyone had any experience of the following Falken HS-439 Kumho KW27 Both are winter tyres listed on Mytyres site as suitable for 255/35/18....
  13. X

    Falken or Vredestein?

    I have a CLK500 convertible with 255/35/18 tyres on rear that need replacing. I am torn between Falken 452 and Vredestein Ultrac Sessanta, both of which are similarly priced from Camskill at the moment. I am more interested in comfort and longevity than out and out performance but they...
  14. JonMad

    Couple more tyres ordered

    If you're interested or on the look out yourself, my local Merityre is doing me 2 x 225/40/ZR18 Falken 452s fitted for £95 each, which sounds reasonable :) Now to find a couple of spare rims to put the old tyres on. Cheers, Jon
  15. JonMad

    Falken 452s

    Hi, looking at getting a set of these before the end of the month (so I have some legal tread to drive home on after a trackday). They seem well regarded and good value at less than 100 pounds each iirc in my local Merityre. Any opinions on them? Any particular version I need to look out for...
  16. vijilants

    Anyone used Falken ZE912s as yet ?

    Hi Folks, Has anyone used the Falken ZE912 tyre as yet ? Not that many reviews that I could find. I have been quoted £74 inc new valves, balanced and fitted for the ZE912. Goodyear eagle F1 Asymmetric worked out to be £101 all inc. The size was 225/45/17
  17. W

    Falken FK452 Tyres

    Anyone tried these on a W202 on 18" wheels. Do they rub the wheel-arches? I know its a bit tight on room up the front. Another member suggested that pirelli's are good as the sides slope in slightly whereas these seem a little more square. Wheels are 18x8 31 offset and 18x9 35 offset...
  18. M

    Falken FK 451 tyres 2 x 235/40/17 brand new

    Still with stickers on etc , i bought these last year to fit on my Skyline but i've since changed to 18" wheels and my Merc needs a 45 profile The 451 is a great tyre , good in the wet and dry weather with good wear rates google it for a better report £80 for the pair collect nr Newbury or...
  19. L

    Falken Tyres

    Has anyone any experience of Falken tyres? I believe they are made in Japan.
  20. L

    Falken Tyres

    Has anyone any comments about Falken tyres, I have not heard of these and wondered how they fared? TAI
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